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Created on: 14 Mar 2019 11:15
Category: Editor
Type: Feature Request
Allow to set toolbar container for inline editor

Editor using editable Div container is really better, for various reasons, that editor using iframe.

Inline Editor can be the solution, but I want also a nice standard editor as the standard mode.

A simple and good solution can be add a new parameter as "toolbarContainer" that is a dom element where editor put the toolbar.

If noset in standard mode, editor apply standard strategy and put it in a div on top of iframe.

If noset in inline mode, editor apply standard strategy and put it in a flying popup.

if set, toolbar editor put toolbar in the selected area.



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Posted on: 21 Mar 2019 11:07
Hello Marc,

Thank you for your feature request at the feedback portal. We will definitely keep a close eye on it and take it into consideration. In case of an interest to your proposal, it shall be implemented in a future release to come.

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