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Last Updated: 31 Jan 2019 07:38 by Kathy
Created on: 31 Jan 2019 07:38
Category: Spreadsheet
Type: Feature Request
Extend the Columns configuration options for a DataBound Spreadsheet Sheet

I see some potential for improvements here, I see how the Spreadsheet entirely depends on the JSON structure. It doesn't have to be like this as the setDataSource() method shows clearly that the columns could be further configured:

Therefore, the Sheet columns could be configured upon the widget initialization. Such configuration options could be represented in the following manner for the HTML helper version of the widget:

.Columns<Kendo.Mvc.Examples.Models.SpreadsheetProductViewModel>(columns =>
    columns.Add(c => c.ProductId).Name("Product ID").Width(100);
    columns.Add(c => c.ProductName).Name("Name").Width(415);