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Created on: 17 Dec 2018 17:57
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Ability to ignore root nodes when checkAll button is clicked

I use the below template to render nodes (so that root nodes do not have a checkbox), but when I click checkAll button the root node(s) content are also displayed as selected


You should provide an event to custom handle this behavior and ignore nodes unselectable

 .Checkboxes(setting => setting
                                                .Template("# if (item.level() > 0) { #" +
                                                            "<input type='checkbox' #= item.checked ? 'checked' : '' #>" +
                                                            "# item.text = item.SymptomName #" +
                                                            "#}else{#" +
                                                                "# item.text = item.LocationName #" +


Keep up the awesome work !

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Posted on: 24 Dec 2018 07:24
Hello Samuel,

I performed several tests on our DropDownList. I've been using the checkboxes template you have provided and our demo site:


I have attached a sample video with the behavior on my side. Even though, it's not part of our built-in functionality, the selection works as expected on my end.

Could you please share your DropDownTree setup? What is the Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC version, you are using?

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