Last Updated: 01 Nov 2018 21:23 by Peter
Created on: 13 Nov 2017 03:24
Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request
Kendo ColorPicker and ColorPalette to implemented a refresh method.
I was working with Kendo ColorPicker and ColorPalette and I created a widget for serenity. Everything works perfect, except at the constructor time, I do not know the color. This is how is working now...

        // [KendoColorPickerEditor(Columns=2, Palette = "['#000', '#333', '#666', '#999', '#ccc', '#fff']",Buttons =true,Preview =true)]
        //Palette : "basic" | "websafe" | "['#000', '#333', '#666'] or leave blank"
        [KendoColorPickerEditor( Buttons = true, Preview = true)]
        public String Color
            get { return Fields.Color[this]; }
            set { Fields.Color[this] = value; }

A refresh method is needed to reload the properties changed after the "Color" property
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Posted on: 01 Nov 2018 21:23
I have two color pickers, one for an outer line color and one for inner line color, i Iwould like to be able to switch between them to see effect but while I can switch no problem and see this reflected on the line, the actual color pickers stay the same color as I am unable to refresh the component.