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fix cascading comboboxes in ASPNET Core
I'm using your demo to reproduce the issue.  

When the user enters a value into the categories and tabs, the focus is not placed in the products field, instead it goes to the View Order button.  This makes using the cascade "feature" very difficult for users.  The focus should go products so they can further refine the search.  And then finally to orders.  But each time they tab they have to move the cursor back to the next field.

Also, since the product and order fields are disabled it prevents user from entering data (even if they know the correct value).  Is there a way to leave the cascade functionality whilst leaving the "child" fields enabled?  We were using it in a Region, Country, City filter, but because of these issues we have had to remove the cascade.

Expected behavior would be to leave all the fields enabled, if the user selects a category, then the subsequent fields (products and orders would be filtered to the selection) so that when the user starts typing in those the parent filter is added to their filter.

Whilst we are discussing filters, why if the filter is narrowed to a single item is it not automatically selected?  Currently the user has to filter, then select the item and then tab.  We have had numerous "bug" reports raised because the user didn't select before tabbing even though the item is the only one in the drop-down and appears to be selected.

Similarly the Mutliselect filter allows typing values, and even when the user selects the value in the dropdown and is added to the selected list, the typed text remains, making the mutliselect field value invalid on submission. 


Open page: CascadeComboBox
Move focus to Categories combo (i used my mouse)
Type 'p' which opens the combo and shows 3 items starting with p
Select 'Products' using the down arrow (field now displays Products)
Click Tab
Focus moved to View Order button and NOT Products field.
Using the mouse to select a value works fine, but our users don't want to have to use the mouse as this slows down data entry.
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Ivan Danchev
Posted on: 27 Nov 2019 11:11

Hello Allan,

Focusing the child ComboBoxes in the Cascading ComboBox demo appears to work correctly in the current version (2019.3.1023). After selecting an item in the parent (e.g. Categories) with the mouse or by pressing Enter you can focus the next ComboBox by pressing Tab. If you don't make a selection in the parent the child ComboBoxes remain disabled, which is by design (see the documentation). This behavior is not configurable, so in that regard, if there is demand for an option that would allow to configure it we will consider adding one in the future.

The described auto-selection when the ComboBox is filtered and returns a single result might be expected in certain scenarios, but in others it won't be. Imaging the following scenario: I want to order a specific product let's say "aim-120 AMRAAM", but instead of typing the full name I type only "aim". Due to shortages this product is currently unavailable, so the ComboBox returns "aim-9 Sidewinder" as the only result matching my search criteria. I wouldn't want this automatically selected, because I would have to manually clear the value, since I don't want to order this product. For this reason, the ComboBox does not do automatically selection. It can highlight the result so that on pressing Enter or Tab it is selected, but this is up to the user.

As for the typed text remaining in the MultiSelect's input area, this behavior can be observed when the "filter" configuration is enabled. It is intentional and allows the user to filter the data, select a specific item, then proceed to change the filter to further narrow down the results. If the text were cleared on every selection the user would have to type everything again, which is not ideal when you have to make multiple selections but need slight changes to the filter text. Still, the MultiSelect can be configured to clear its text on item selection and this can be done by not setting its "filter" configuration.

Ivan Danchev
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