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Created on: 12 Jul 2017 16:32
Category: Upload
Type: Feature Request
If we have a upload control with simple validation on allowed extensions and upload 50 files, the "k-upload-status" element prematurely gets set to "Done" once it finds a file type that is not allowed.  If a user is not paying attention they could think that the upload is complete.  It seems silly to mark an entire queue of files as "Done" after the first failure while uploading multiple items and while items are still uploading.  While the upload may technically be "done" it really failed and should say "Partially done" or some other message than "Done".

Also, placing an exclamation icon next to done is not very clear when an file does legitimately fail.  The icon needs to be more prevalent and have a tooltip to describe it further.  Most of my users in production have not noticed the icon and have thought that the upload completed.  This is especially a problem if a user is uploading thousands of files and does not scroll down during/after upload.
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Posted on: 18 Feb 2022 05:55


WIth latest version in Async mode the validation fails only for a single file uploaded:

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