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Created on: 21 Jun 2017 20:54
Category: Spreadsheet
Type: Feature Request
Allow custom editor for disabled cell
Custom editors are great!  But often when you have a custom editor, you want to restrict data entry to only use that editor, and not free-form typing in the cell.  You can prevent free-form typing in the cell by disabling the cell, but then the custom editor button is no longer available.

Suggestion is to still show custom editor button even if cell is disabled, perhaps with an additional setting; so that you could optionally not show the custom editor if the cell is disabled, since often a disabled cell should prevent any kind of modification.
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Veselin Tsvetanov
Posted on: 25 Feb 2020 15:33

Hi Doug,

The purpose of the disabled cell option is to prevent the user from altering the value of that specific cell. Custom editors are implemented to make it easier for users the process of changing the cell value. Having that said the two concepts are not compatible. If you need to limit the user only to the options available in the custom editor, you should configure that in the Validation rule: (see the List validation).

Veselin Tsvetanov
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