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Created on: 21 Sep 2016 10:23
Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
Multiple Grid toolbars to fit more design situations
As explained in this support ticket

I asked me questions about the Kendo-UI Grids toolBar that is only place at the top of datatables.

I’ve been reading on forum thread that, with javascript, we can place it elsewhere but i don’t think that it is very clean code and maintainable.

I'd like this toolbar to be adaptable according to the design I need !

So I suggest to modify/improve this component to fit more situations 
 - to place it in the "page’s information zone"  for export buttons  
 - to place it at the bottom of datagrid for ending actions’ buttons because at the top is a good place to propose filters to user and way to organize datas
 - etc.) 


to have the possibility to combine many situations (Toolbar & endToolbar & informationToolBar) with multiple toolbars at different places.