Last Updated: 06 Dec 2021 07:06 by ADMIN
Created on: 16 Jun 2016 22:35
Category: Upload
Type: Feature Request
Show preuploaded files in upload widget while grid is in Edit mode
Scenario: Imagine you implemented upload widget within grid and it can upload multiple files. After you upload, you realize you need to delete one of the uploaded file. Currently you cannot choose to delete either of the uploaded multiple files in edit mode. It would be nice to display preuploaded files in upload widget when the grid is in edit mode, so that user can delete the files that are not necessary anymore.
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Posted on: 06 Dec 2021 07:06


You can do that by using the files option of the Kendo Upload to show a list of files that are already uploaded to the edited row. That will show up the delete button so that users can delete an uploaded file. 

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