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Created on: 16 Jun 2016 12:29
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Editor insertion bug
We have discovered an issue in the Editor around insertion of text using a custom button - it can be seen at

If you highlight text that is contained within a <span> tag, and use a custom button to insert more text (in this case, replacing the highlighted text), the text gets removed successfully, but the <span> gets closed, and the inserted text appears outside the closing </span> tag. 

Given that <span> tags can be used to format text, you therefore lose the formatting you had applied to the text you removed, and the new text appears unformatted i.e. inheriting formatting from the parent, which is not expected behaviour.
Ivan Danchev
Posted on: 23 Jan 2020 11:47


I tested the Editor behavior in the latest official version and I see no unexpected behavior. Consider this dojo example:

The span element has green background.

1. Highlight one of the words in the span, e.g. "users".
2. Click the custom button (the last one in the toolbar).
3. "MY TEXT" is inserted in the span and does not get any of the original span's formatting (in this case the background color). If you inspect the Html you will notice that the original span element is now replaced with two span elements and "MY TEXT" is inserted in between them:

<span style="background-color: lightgreen;"> Kendo UI Editor allows your </span>MY TEXT<span style="background-color: lightgreen;"> to edit HTML in a familiar, user-friendly way. </span>

This behavior is correct and is identical to copy/pasting text in the Editor. For example, if instead of using the custom button you copy (Ctrl+ C) the word "Span", then highlight "users" and paste (Ctrl + V) you will get the same result.

Word also acts similarly, the text is copied and pasted with its own formatting, it doesn't take the formatting of the line it is pasted in.

Ivan Danchev
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Posted on: 16 Jun 2016 13:13

this sounds like a bug to me. We collect these in the github repository - - you can open an issue there.