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Created on: 21 Mar 2016 16:12
Category: Chart
Type: Feature Request
Kendo Chart should never display values over min max settings
Kendo Chart has setting min/max for the axis. However, when zooming and/or dragging/panning the chart, the min/max values are no longer in effect, therefore the chart ends up displaying values outside of this range. If min/max is used to specify the current axis values, then there should be another to specify the general boundaries/range of the axis.
Example: if you have a plot with XAxis min=1950 and max=2050, when zooming the XAxis and depending on the data it will eventually display 1948 and 2060; or, it will stop at 2030 even though I requested XAxis to go up to 2050.
Telerik Admin
Posted on: 22 Mar 2016 09:39
Ok, thanks for these details, Igor. I wasn't aware of the response provided by our support team.
Posted on: 21 Mar 2016 16:36
Yes, and that was the reply: 

The min and max options represent the current range that should be shown on the axis and not the maximum range. If it wasn't changed then panning and zooming would not do anything. Perhaps options for setting the total limits would help in such scenarios. We will consider it for future versions.

There is no point in arguing about the purpose of the min and max options. This is the intended behavior no matter the interpretation. If you believe that the behavior should be changed then I can suggest to submit a feature request in our feedback portal.
Telerik Admin
Posted on: 21 Mar 2016 16:18
Have you reported this issue to our support team at telerik.com? It seems this can be classified as a bug, and in this way you'll be able to escalate its resolution, if confirmed. 

Let me know.