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Created on: 01 Feb 2016 17:50
Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
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Add Kendo UI for XAML
Create UI for XAML. So we can develop "like Silverlight" applications using C#/XAML, UI designer and MVVM but with no javascript, ASP.NET, etc

There are thousends of C# developers that dont want to mess with javascript and HTML, it is improductive! is tryting to do this, currently in beta 7 but got of interests they have to raise beta downloads limit.

 Buy them or implement your own solution. Combination of and KendoUI nice widgets and themes could be awesome and perfect replacement for silverlight and developers that dont want HTML/JS.

MS visual basic was popular because it was so easy and fast to create projects with it. We need this kind of fast web development with XAML UI editor etc.

Nowadays for a simple project you need a designer(CSS), frontend developer(HTML/JS) and backend developer (C#) at minimum.

I have never meet a single developer that likes to work and do the best in those 3 roles. Most C# developers dont like UI, CSS or JS etc.
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Telerik Admin
Posted on: 02 Feb 2016 14:38
Thanks for the idea, Alberto.

We are certainly proponents of smooth transitions between different frameworks and architectures, where possible. 

In this particular case, however, we hesitate such a migration is 100% effective with automated code compilation solution from XAML to HTML/JS. 

Rather we are considering to provide guidelines/guidance (in the shape of blogs or resources) about how to rewrite your code from XAML to HTML/JS, to take full advantage of web front end and features available with Kendo UI. Stay tuned more details in 2016.