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Created on: 12 Aug 2015 10:36
Category: PivotGrid
Type: Feature Request
PivotGrid: Resizing width of columns individually
The values and fieldnames can be very long or very short. Based on that, values and fieldnames are often truncated or lost in a way to wide column. That behavior has many downsides:
- The PivotGrid need much more space then it should
- Long values and fieldnames can't be read
- It's totally not responsive and looks bad

Competitors solution:
- http://www.igniteui.com/pivot-grid/all-grid-features
- http://webix.com/pivot/

Problem-solving approach:
- Show resize icon when hovering over a the bar between two columns
- Resize this column to it's min. width (value or fieldname) after a double click on this bar
- Manual resizing of the column by drag and drop of this bar
- Automatically size columns to there min. width on initialisation