Last Updated: 11 Nov 2021 11:58 by ADMIN
Created on: 11 Aug 2015 16:50
Category: PivotGrid
Type: Feature Request
COUNT measure counting distinct itens on PivotGrid
Make the COUNT measure count only distinct itens on PivotGrid. For instance, let's say we have a dataSource like this:

var dados = [{ PersonID: 2958, Address: "5h St"},{ PersonID: 2958, Address: "​Lexington Ave"},{ PersonID: 2958, ​Address: "76th Street"}]

Note that it is only 1 person, which has 3 address.. if I wanted to use the COUNT measure on the Address, it is correct (it counts 3 itens). But when I use the COUNT measure on the PersonID, it also counts 3 itens, but there is only one personID. I think it should count distinct values for the data in the measure.