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Created on: 10 Aug 2015 13:02
Category: PivotGrid
Type: Feature Request
Dimension drag handle labels in PivotGrid from flat data source
As per this post: http://www.telerik.com/forums/pivotgrid-bug

When using PivotGrid with a flat data source the handles for dragging the dimensions are labelled with a different string to the dimension headers.

The dimension headers are labelled with the dataSource.schema.cube.dimensions.[name].caption.

The dimension drag handles are labelled with the dataSource.rows.name (or dataSource.columns.name).

Now, the dataSource.rows.name must be the key in the dataSource.schema.cube.dimensions of the dimension and this must also be a key in each item in the data array -- the field that stores the value of the dimension -- and therefore is in general not suitable for showing to users.

In any case, it seems to me to be a bug that the drag handle is labelled with a different string to the dimension caption.