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Created on: 25 Jun 2015 16:09
Category: TreeList
Type: Feature Request
TreeList with checkbox/check children support
Is there any support for checkbox columns in the treelist to behave the same way as the kendoTreeView checkboxes? 

(ie, checking or unchecking parent should check/uncheck all children? and checking or unchecking children should update parent check state (possible indeterminate states))
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Telerik Admin
Posted on: 25 Jun 2015 16:18
There's no built-in support for checkboxes in the treelist, Jay.

Currently you can utilize a template column (http://docs.telerik.com/kendo-ui/api/javascript/ui/treelist#configuration-columns.template) with a checkboxes in its template and implement the check/uncheck conditions with your own custom logic.