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Created on: 07 Apr 2015 14:48
Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request
Kendo Drawer that implements Overlay and Reveal animations
We reaally need to use the overlay animation, our client is driving us nuts with it. They are showing us the examples in Jquery mobile panel ( and asking us why we are using Kendo if we cant deliver this animations. 

Please help us voting for this animatiosn.
Posted on: 06 Jun 2019 13:43
Hey everyone!

With the R2 2019 release we introduced a new standalone drawer widget that you can check out right here. As a part of this new widget we have the ability to either operate in a "push" state (pushing content over) or "overlay" state (which is discussed here) - this demo showcases the difference. Marking this item as completed since this covers the scenario described and discussed here!

Progress Telerik
Telerik Admin
Posted on: 22 Jan 2016 11:00
Thanks for the feedback, folks. I'll forward it to our devteam.
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Posted on: 21 Jan 2016 10:40
Sad that Kendo UI still doesn't support overlay effect in drawer. The overlay effect in drawer is standard behaviour in mobile world. In many cases lack of this minor feature is a deal braker for Kendo. Users are expecting consistent mobile experience in their apps!

I would highly recommend implementing this feature to drawer.
Posted on: 08 Apr 2015 23:56
yes plz i really need that feature, else i will cut my wrists
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Posted on: 07 Apr 2015 16:07
Posted on: 07 Apr 2015 15:10
Other example of this implementation can be found on the Telerik UI for Android SideDrawer ( 
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Posted on: 07 Apr 2015 14:52
It is pretty much standard drawer behavior now to expand out on top of the main view.  Having it push the view to the side is strange.  This would really help produce a more consistent mobile experience for users.  Would love for Kendo to consider this enhancement.