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Created on: 23 Feb 2015 15:06
Category: Upload
Type: Feature Request
Add sequential file upload with the Kendo Upload
When we upload files with the Kendo Upload, it would be nice to upload them sequentially, in separate requests
Posted on: 03 Feb 2022 10:52


You can control the files simultaneously upload with the concurrent option of the API: 

Hope this would help.

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Posted on: 12 Apr 2018 22:44
Kenshin, I'm not sure if this is exactly what Slav is suggesting, but for our uses, it would be nice for the upload control to take any number of files, but only make one request at a time. e.g. A user selects and drops 10 files into the control and presses upload.  The control would then upload the first file, and only when that request is complete, upload the next file.  This can help mitigate burst traffic to servers.  Even better would be a setting to set the number of simultaneous requests. Hope that makes sense!
Telerik Admin
Posted on: 23 Feb 2015 16:43
Slav, can you elaborate further on what do you mean by "sequentially, in separate requests"? Presently we support multiple file uploads via the multiple property setting (