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Created on: 10 Feb 2015 07:41
Category: Data Source
Type: Feature Request
Local observable array for datasource without defining transport configuration MVVM
For easy using local arrays with kendo DataSource it would be good to have a functionallity to assign an array (kendo.obersvableHierarchy) without configure transport for CRUD operations.
When using Kendo MVVM it's easy then to define a grid the columns and field, and bind only the observable array as datasource.

And it would be great to have the possibility to assing depended arrays as field in an array that will be used as datasource for a grid or dropdown. Then we can assing the depended array of a selected dataitem to another control. So there is an need to have a special datatype like "dependedArray" and changes to this depended array has no effect to all ohter controls that where the viewmodel was bound.
Then we have more time to develope business logic. 
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Posted on: 08 Nov 2018 14:42
The first suggestion would be really useful in a business perspective. When you have a form with a local grid and you want to allow save or cancel of the entire form without having to manage workarounds...