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Created on: 27 Jun 2014 21:28
Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request
Add a Time Duration Picker control
I would like a control to accept durations in the format HH:MM, and persist as a number minutes (or maybe optionally fractional hours).  Something similar was suggested here (not by me):

I have a time keeping application where user need to be able to enter summarize duration amounts on their timesheets, such as 8 hours of Holiday time (entered as "8:00").  It doesn't make sense to enter this as a time range.

We're accomplishing it now with a textbox, a masking library, and a bunch of fragile JS code, but I'd like a control that is natively build for this.
Maria Veledinova
Posted on: 20 Jun 2022 13:07

Hi Folks,

We are looking at the potential of the Time Duration Picker UI component for the product roadmap. We would like to have a deeper understanding of the use cases that it needs to cover as well as the needed features, so it brings more value to you.

Could you please help us out and share more details about the component usage scenarios, specific requirements as well as examples.

Thank you in advance!Maria VeledinovaPM at Progress Telerik

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Posted on: 19 Dec 2021 16:39
Kalli Kaldi
Posted on: 01 Sep 2020 15:22
Pending Review since 2014! Can you please take a look at this?
Imported User
Posted on: 28 Feb 2018 16:45
I would like a duration with a selection of a numeric and a unit.  It can be stored in seconds, but I need the user to select a number of hours/days/weeks/months etc
Kjartan Valur
Posted on: 10 Feb 2016 16:11
This would be a great addition to kendo! See duration picker in harvest. 

There you can choose whether you pick 1:30 format or 1,5
Posted on: 04 Feb 2015 17:51
I agree completely! This should be part of the calendering control as are the many other "pickers"