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Created on: 22 May 2014 12:45
Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
Grid Keyboard Navigation Problem (please fix)
Hi, Please refer to the following forum for more detail about the problem and my suggestion:

Summary: I think in Grid widget, there should be difference between selectable="cell" and selectable="row" (for keyboard Up&Down Arrow navigation). or perhaps you want to add another choice, example selectable: "row cell" (to replace the current setting for "row") and the selectable = "row", just select the row not cell and also DO NOT go to grid header!
I believe it's good that you enhance/solve this shortcoming inside the Grid design, because developer like us who has already decided row selection (selectable: "row") during design-time, it doesn't make sense that still the keyboard navigation is at the cell level, isn't it?

Thank you.
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Angel Petrov
Posted on: 15 Sep 2021 13:47


Altering the current behavior of the keyboard navigation would be a breking change which is not desired. We have exposed a handler that can be used to override the default behavior. Here is a sample on how to achieve this. The sample is for the treeview but it can be applied to the grid as well.

Angel Petrov
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