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Created on: 21 Feb 2014 00:28
Category: Chart
Type: Feature Request
Miscellaneous text annotations for all charts in Kendo UI DataViz
We need functionality to allow annotations to charts (e.g. free text).

We need to annotate our charts with text that is:

- not a series value or note
- not a category note
- has no relationship with the plot data
- not a title

An example is text outlining the source of the data, 

We have succeeded in annotating charts with Snap.svg.js but the annotations do not survive the imageDataUrl() function for download (or the svg() function).

Axis & series notes won't achieve what we want to do.

We need to place free text (for example) at the top-left, top-right, bottom-left or bottom-right of the SVG.  Most importantly, it would need to be incorporated in the imageDataUrl and svg methods.
Alex Hajigeorgieva
Posted on: 24 Jan 2020 15:38


You can use the Drawing API to add miscellaneous text to the chart. To reserve space for it, utilize the chartArea.margin:

Kind Regards,
Alex Hajigeorgieva
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Posted on: 25 Feb 2014 03:29
An event triggered after the default chart drawing script could facilitate this kind of customization. You could then write directly to the canvas or modify the SVG DOM to make additions or changes.

It would cater (somewhat) for a lot of the DataViz feedback suggestions on this site.

It should be simple enough to have these changes permeate to the svg and imageDataUrl export methods.