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Created on: 11 Feb 2014 10:28
Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request
Slide out panels or drawers.
It would be really nice to have slide out panels or drawers (not the same as the existing mobile drawer, but similar).

The demo below shows a good example (left, right and top).

Posted on: 29 May 2016 07:55
I personally don't think they should be separate implementations at all. Drawers on iOS and Android typically function by clicking a hamburger button and then sliding open. Swipe gestures are additive and incidental. Drawers on the top and bottom would work the same way, but with the limitation that they wouldn't be able to use swipe gestures. The control should be configurable enough to let the user do whatever they want with it, not be so limited in scope that you need two different controls that do essentially the same thing. Give people room to innovate with it, don't limit it to your own worldview.
Posted on: 10 May 2016 14:08
Top and bottom sliding panels serve somewhat different purpose -  they do make sense as a separate implementation. The drawer is a mobile widget and both iOS and Android have system-wide handling for top/bottom swipe gestures.
Posted on: 27 Feb 2014 21:26
I'd like to use the newly-decoupled Drawer to be able to design a context-sensitive help section, a la manage.windowsazure.com. Doing so would require that you be able to configure the drawer to open from the bottom.

Technically, it should already be configurable anyways, as many mobile apps (like the Facebook app) have a drawer on the right and the left.