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Created on: 18 Nov 2013 19:56
Category: DropDownList
Type: Feature Request
Check whether current AutoComplete value is in suggestions
Add a way to check if the current AutoComplete value would be in the suggestions. Since the widget already searched for the value to see if it is in suggestions I would prefer to be able to check the result of that search. Something like calling but not have it affect the UI - just tell me if it was found or not. Is that possible?

I want to be able to alter the UI if the user has entered a value that is not detected in the suggestions to let them know it is not a valid value, and it seems silly to have to manually see if the value is in the datasource (and handle the filter variants 'startsWith' and 'contains') when that is already being done by the widget. So, I'm just looking to detect whether the search done by the widget found the value in suggestions or not.
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Posted on: 19 Sep 2016 09:03
After further investigation, the dev team stated that the feature is redundant, given the alternative - examples available here: