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Created on: 08 Oct 2013 16:15
Category: DropDownList
Type: Feature Request
MultiSelect - New Items
The option to allow new items to be added to the list, as opposed to items exclusively in the datasource.

For example see this:, only built in
Posted on: 19 Sep 2016 05:40
Hi everyone, 

we implemented the feature as a demo in our R3 2016 release:
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Posted on: 27 Jul 2016 04:55
It appears that this feature was skipped in the user story found at the URL you provided.

It would really be nice to get this feature into that story or to have a new story created that includes this feature.
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Posted on: 28 Jun 2016 07:27
This is the same feature discussed in here:
Posted on: 20 May 2016 20:16
We would immediately use this feature if implemented.
Posted on: 20 May 2016 18:48
Hopefully this would be done through an event or a method so as user types a value that is not in the list, it can be validated before allowing user to add it as new tag.

Here is a simple scenario: Multi select is used to allow users to select emails from a list. User types email that is not in the list, the program should be able to validate the entry and only allow add when a valid email address is entered. 
Posted on: 10 May 2016 15:49
So what's the progress on this?
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Posted on: 14 Apr 2016 16:29
+1 on this feature.  We had to end up using the Select2 control, which then obviously doesn't follow the same theme of the 'multiselect' that we use everywhere else.  Where look and feel is more important, it actually forced us to use the select2 control everywhere else, because it was too difficult to accurately change the CSS to match one or the other.
Posted on: 03 Feb 2016 19:16
I agree with David Berman. This is a very important requirement in our application as well. I hope this feature will be added soon and we don't have to spend a lot time trying to hack it and make it work with AngularJS.
David Berman
Posted on: 31 Dec 2015 20:12
This is a very important feature and it needs to work from angular as well.  I just burned two days trying to get this to work from within angular. The hacks on the forum are incomplete and don't work with angular.  A typical use case for this feature is to apply TAGS to post.  Users expect to be able to add any tags they want.
Posted on: 14 May 2014 22:32
This is something I definitely would like to see incorporated into this control.