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Created on: 07 Aug 2013 10:50
Category: Window
Type: Feature Request
Window: a config option to set any custom element(s) inside the window for window dragging
I have this problem where I use the window but I turn off your titles and use my own custom made because of the specifc layout I have. But by doing so I lose the option of making the window draggable since it can only by dragged by its title. Give us a simple config option to set any elements inside the window as the draggable points. That way I can set my own header and make the window draggable by holding it.
Posted on: 23 Nov 2018 13:22
Kendo UI Window has a draghandle option, which may be used in the scenario described by Dennis to allow dragging the window using a custom element, instead of its title bar.

@Sachin The scenario you reported is different than this logged item. It is possible to close the window by its close() method, e.g. by clicking on a button, as on the API demo.

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Posted on: 16 Oct 2018 17:43
I am facing the same problem, I am not able to close this window because I have also removed the title bar. please help