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Last Updated: 09 May 2018 13:05 by ADMIN
Created on: 01 Jul 2013 18:31
Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request
Turn cursor into pointer (hand) when hovering over column chart series label
For a column chart, both the column and its (optional) label can be clicked and wired up with seriesClick. However, the cursor only turns into a pointer (hand) when hovering over the column; it does not do this for the label above, even though it's active. I'd like this to be consistent, and thus have hovering over the label turn the cursor into a pointer as well.
Das, Avijit
Posted on: 09 May 2018 13:04
I am voting for this. I really did not understood the thinking behind giving a AxisLabelClick event for axis labels but not giving the proper cursor. This looks very silly to me. 
Telerik Admin
Posted on: 14 Sep 2015 08:09
@Morgan - crosshair support is available and it's different from what's requested here. 

@All, you feedback will be forwarded to our devteam to be considered for future releases.
Eric Stevens
Posted on: 12 Sep 2015 03:08
I need this feature, too.   But I need teh decision to show a pointer or not to be based on a javascript callback, similar to seriesHover.    In fact, I tried to get this to work by adding this line to seriesHover, but it would not work for column charts.

seriesHover: function(e) {   e.element[0].style.cursor = 'pointer'; }
Posted on: 23 Jan 2015 13:56
This was posted here: http://kendoui-feedback.telerik.com/forums/127393-telerik-kendo-ui-feedback/suggestions/3542539-show-pointer-cursor-when-hovering-over-bars-in-cha and claimed to be 'COMPLETED', but it certainly was not completed. This is very important and incredibly basic functionality (developers should always be able to control the mouse cursor!).
Posted on: 10 Dec 2013 16:18
I'd like to see the cursor to a hand on any clickable object on the chart. If I had more votes I would vote up