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Created on: 30 Apr 2013 15:34
Category: Tooltip
Type: Feature Request
Tooltip offset
Please allow us to set tooltip offsets, so I whatever value you calculate it to be shown at I can "push" it off further.

Also please append a class showing of the location of the tooltip (top, bottom, left, right) to help us style appropriatly.
Posted on: 22 Feb 2014 22:10
Potential workaround at
Ozzy Knox
Posted on: 19 Feb 2014 00:33
This is an essential piece of functionality as far as I'm concerned. There is often the requirement to specify a slight (or not so slight) offset from the default.
Posted on: 24 Jan 2014 17:03
@Jeremy 1000%'s like the widget is out the door with no feedback so there's no reason to go back and enhance it with something that should have always been there.
Posted on: 24 Jan 2014 16:25
I don't understand why this wouldn't be something kendo would have added from the start. As it is now the tooltip buts up just against the div, which feels extremely close to me. And like some commenters have said it's almost impossible to target the tooltips with CSS because the classes given are too generic. Please please please add this soon!
Posted on: 26 Jun 2013 18:25
I've just registered, my comment is the Anonymous comment above, just want to put a name to it.
Posted on: 14 Jun 2013 18:10
Was I drunk on the initial text...makes no sense

...I think you see what I was getting at though :)
Posted on: 14 May 2013 19:06
Please add this, appending a class to the root div can also give us some control of its position.  Mouse over -> mouse to tooltip is pretty bad right now as far as the required dexterity to get to it, you have to get lucky.

We are using a negative margin to get around this for now. (margin-left: -30px), the drawback is that now every tooltip we have in our app will have this offset, no matter if its top/bottom/left/right