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Created on: 20 Feb 2013 16:49
Category: TabStrip
Type: Feature Request
Change freezing behaviour of tabstrip widget
As per Kamen's request in the support ticket (657521), I'm raising this request to change behaviour of the tabstrip widget.

At this time, when tab content is loaded through Ajax which may result in an error (either transport error, but optionally also javascript generated errors), tabs remain frozen and we can no longer click another tab to load that content.

We would like this behaviour to be changed:

a user should ALWAYS be able to click any tab available to him (we don't want the freezing at all) because we don't want to force the user into a waiting modus just because he clicked a wrong tab first.
When a user clicks a second tab, while the content of an earlier clicked tab was still loading, the widget should automatically kill the ajax call to prevent a high load on the server.

Also, we would like an option which disabled caching of tab content; if caching is disabled, we want the content of the tab reloaded each time a tab is clicked (now it gets loaded once, and we need to refresh the entire page if we want to refresh the content of one specific tab (unless we add a button somewhere to allow the user to lick "refresh"; it would be a nice option if this can just be configured at initialisaing of the tabs...