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Created on: 09 Nov 2012 18:23
Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request
Cache and load static files from local storage
To speed up website load time dramatically, it should be possible to cache and load static KendoUI-Files from the local browser storage.

Discussion / Example:

Maybe KendoUI can also provide us with an API to store files, data etc. on local storage...
Telerik Admin
Posted on: 21 Nov 2014 14:27
Hi Lars, this is an interesting idea. We're currently evaluating some Data-related features for 2013, and I'll add this to our list for consideration.

Update: This functionality is presently contemplated to be exposed by our Telerik Platform Backend Services.
Posted on: 24 Feb 2014 06:43
Why not use the HTML5 application cache (cache manifest)?
Posted on: 18 Jun 2013 20:48
Hi John,

I'm doing some research on this now and would love to hear more from you. Could you email me at


John Farrar
Posted on: 14 Feb 2013 20:19
There is a struggle conquering this one out of the gates because it requires synchronization. In JS the this scope is confusing at first and eventually you figure out an event oriented code solution is required to win. Would love to discuss this if you guys have not set the direction in concrete yet.
Posted on: 11 Jan 2013 19:16
I've considered building my own method of doing this via Javascript. I eventually will have to unless Telerik releases a solution first.

My current idea is to use HTML5 features in later browsers to access domain specific storage, and for older browsers have a Silverlight and Flash app that the javascript methods could interface with. If offline storage is supported by browser then use HTML5 storage, otherwise Silverlight Isolated Storage, then flash, etc... So this gets most users covered, and those that aren't will just have to suffer with reduced functionality.

The only problem may be in regards to mobile apps which are not compliant with latest HTML5 spec, and which most likely do not support Flash/Silverlight. Luckily mobiles tend to be upgraded more frequently than other devices. So worst case scenario we will be waiting 2-4 years before majority of mobile support offine/isolated storage without plugins.