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Created on: 07 Dec 2011 04:10
Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request
Confirm/Alert widgets or window widget modes
KendoUI has window widget, but it's too simple, I suggest just like jbox or artDialog.
Posted on: 30 Sep 2016 18:43
Are there plans to make the Dialog widget responsive?
Imported User
Posted on: 19 Sep 2016 15:45
I wrote my own in a couple hours last spring with a deferred object. Glad you finally implemented this.
Posted on: 19 Sep 2016 05:43
We released a brand new dialog widget -
Posted on: 05 May 2016 16:28
FYI: I've been using John's KendoUI-Extended for a few years and it is still working for me with 2016.2.504.
I use Alert and YesNo dialogs extensively.
Telerik Admin
Posted on: 16 Mar 2016 07:58
Developing a stable cross-browser solution for confirm/alert dialogs is a bit cumbersome and would take time to implement, Drew. 

If the solution posted by John doesn't work with the latest releases, you can either ask him to update it or request assistance from our support team at to get an updated version of the sample code.
Imported User
Posted on: 16 Mar 2016 00:36
John DeVight's code is from April 2013 and blows exceptions.
Imported User
Posted on: 16 Mar 2016 00:33
I use kendo ui modal windows all over but for a simple delete confirm, javascript confirm pops up. This should take one developer a day to get this in alpha form. Why is this still mulled over since 2013, three years and counting?
Telerik Admin
Posted on: 23 Feb 2016 10:39
This is still on hold due to various items with higher priorities, Larissa. Hope that the interim solution provided by John DeVight below is applicable for you.
Posted on: 22 Feb 2016 20:41
Can believe the framework is missing this feature! Something this basic should have being release on the first version. And yet not done.
Telerik Admin
Posted on: 25 Jan 2016 11:01
I updated the link, Adrian. It was indeed broken, sorry for the temporary inconvenience. The ModalView is still present in Kendo UI and applicable.
Posted on: 24 Jan 2016 18:02
@Admin: The link you posted does is dead and the demos section does not seem contain any mention of a ModalView control. Is this still your suggested workaround?
Imported User
Posted on: 03 Dec 2015 11:50
As someone already said, "having to hack around in the wild defeats the purpose of paying for a framework". I totally agree: a professional (and commercial) framework like Kendo UI needs and deserves a widget like this. I think something just like SweetAlert ( should be appropriate.
Posted on: 01 Dec 2015 22:41
I agree with Denis and James, I would really like to have convenience methods for easily creating confirm/alert popups. I miss these now that I use Kendo UI in place of the UI for ASP.NET AJAX library.
Posted on: 29 May 2015 11:36
We required footer in kendo window same as the way you are providing the header.I think it is not possible in current version.It will be helpful if you provide in next versions
Posted on: 28 May 2015 16:19
Having a simple PnP method of displaying common elements such as Alert or Confirm and an easy to use custom dialog (with simply configured buttons/actions) would be a tremendous help.
Posted on: 08 Apr 2015 22:11
I don't see how the Modal View Widget would help. The point is to have a PnP way of displaying confirmation dialogues. Think of a new option for the Window widget called "buttons" that works akin to "actions" and accepts parameters like "OK", "Cancel", "Yes", "No", etc, clicking on which fire a function that tells the developer which button was clicked on.
Telerik Admin
Posted on: 09 Jan 2015 17:32
Guys, can you reply to the comment I left in this thread? Is the proposed alternative applicable for you?
Posted on: 07 Jan 2015 08:15
It's 2015 and still missing this feature. :(
Imported User
Posted on: 18 Dec 2014 11:45
This is a must have feature!
Posted on: 23 Oct 2014 04:14
yes, please implement.  having to hack around in the wild defeats the purpose of paying for a framework.
Posted on: 02 Aug 2014 11:37

Yes, I was wondering the same, why this doesn't exist yet. They are trying to include all the advanced features to make complete HTML toolkit but lacking these basic ones?

@John DeVight

I tried but almost half things didn't work. Unfortunately it seems like you've already abandoned the project.
Posted on: 01 Mar 2014 23:25
Come on guys do this already. This should have been included from the beginning. Don't let us wander to find or code our own, beats the purpose of having Kendo UI.
Posted on: 28 Aug 2013 16:55
Let's get these implemented!! Very useful.. thanks
Posted on: 07 Aug 2013 02:12
And allowing the inclusion of other Kendo UI widgets... for UI consistency !...

How come this doesn't exists yet ???!!!
John DeVight
Posted on: 22 Mar 2013 22:23
Take a look at the "Kendo UI Extended API" Library at:

It has support for Alert, Input, OK/Cancel, Yes/No and Wait dialogs.
Telerik Admin
Posted on: 29 Sep 2012 15:47
Helper Window-related extensions that introduce popup dialogs, consistent with the theme and allowing content localization.