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Created on: 24 Sep 2012 19:00
Category: Chart
Type: Feature Request
Improve rotation support for long labels
It appears that label rotation on charts will rotate on the label's center point.  If you have long labels for a column chart, then a rotation of "35" would cause labels to start at the wrong spot, and it pretty much unusable in that state.  The start of the label should be directly below the chart point in this case.  Maybe there should be a way to specify the rotation point on the label...something similar to "start", "middle", "end".  In my example, if I could tell it to rotate 35 degrees from the beginning of the label, it would render correctly.
Posted on: 21 Apr 2015 22:55
Has anyone come up with a workaround for this (or even modification to the kendo JS code)? I am generating charts dynamically, and so I can't fudge the placement with a margin since the amount varies from case-to-case.
Telerik Admin
Posted on: 26 Aug 2014 14:08
I see, Michael, no worries. This thread will be updated once this item is scheduled for implementation for a future release.
Posted on: 26 Aug 2014 13:50
Sorry my last comment was a little harsh.  It was frustrating to see one that is "low hanging fruit" to still be sitting there after nearly two years.  It's even not extremely important to me, as the project I used it on was awhile back now, but a couple of others commented they would like it as well.  Thanks...
Telerik Admin
Posted on: 26 Aug 2014 11:17
I'll notify our devteam about your remark, Michael. This item is still under consideration.
Posted on: 25 Aug 2014 15:46
I happened to come back for a different issue, and noticed this one still has not been done after years.  How hard is it to do this one?  I know this one does not have tons of votes, but honestly, the current way of rotation sucks.  Please tell me this one has been done already, and somebody forgot to close it out.  Otherwise, say you won't do it, and I'll take my votes back.
Posted on: 04 Apr 2013 19:44
This is sorely needed and would be a very welcome.
Posted on: 14 Jan 2013 11:38
I definitely agree with this one. Rotating around the centre means we have to add margins to the labels to get them to line up