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Created on: 08 Sep 2012 18:57
Category: Effects
Type: Feature Request
Allow disabling animation *inside* date/month picker (and other widgets)
I develop large-scale business apps with lots of data-entry.  Animation is OK if the duration is very short.  With Kendo however, your animation *inside* widgets (changing months, etc.) is too long of a duration for us.

For most of your widgets you allow us to turn off animation for open/close, but not **within* the widget (changing months, etc.).  I know Telerik has been absolutely in love with animation for many years now, but please allow us to disable all animation inside widgets.

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Posted on: 08 Sep 2012 19:34
Changing the month (using date-picker widget) uses a "touch/slide" animation as if you we're on a phone and slid the month with your finger.  I know touch/slide is all the rage these days, but with mouse-input in a standard web/business app it looks terrible.

Please allow us to turn this off....heck, RAD AJAX controls allow it!