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Created on: 03 Aug 2012 22:01
Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
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Please add some PHP Documentation!
I've been trying to use these great UI widgets in PHP update forms and the lack of documentation on how to use the datasource and widgets together in PHP forms is incredibly frustrating. Seems like it would be a very small job for one of the kendo gurus to come up with the following and add it to the examples and/or documentation:

Update forms:
In update forms you need to initialize the widget(dropdowns, comboboxes, etc...) with the value of the column in the database and provide the list of options to choose from to edit the data. I assume there is a way to do this using the datasource but there is zero documentation on this. Please provide a simple example with a standard php update form with the widgets pulling the form data from a simple query based on a selected id, just like every standard php form on the web, with clear code showing us how to configure the widgets so that they contain the data from the db when initialized and providing the list of options via the widgets dedicated datasource.

This is very simple stuff and should take one of your junior techs 10 minutes and would make some of us very happy.

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Posted on: 21 Mar 2013 02:32
All of our demos have been updated to include PHP examples.