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Created on: 27 Jul 2012 15:57
Category: Data Source
Type: Feature Request
Add the ability for the datasource to have initial data and cache data
Currently if you have combos that are bound via MVVM or knockout etc and have a kendo data source on them for doing suggest lookup they will query everything without a filter to get the display value for the bound value that is set to the value property of the combo.

I should be able to pre-populate an initial set of data on the datasource which it will use when the value property is set. If and only if it isn't set, it should then go and do an odata query with filtering for the specific item and only the specific item based on the field that the dataValueField is bound to, not everything.

Further the combobox and auto-complete should cache data and searches previously done so that it doesn't have to hit the data source again in these scenarios as the user types.
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Posted on: 07 Jun 2013 19:30
already possible.