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Created on: 19 Apr 2012 03:54
Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request
display template in dropdown box
Ability to use template apposed to field(s) in dataTextField and dataValueField. This feature will make control more flexible and customizable on client side. 
Posted on: 01 Jan 2014 23:12
Potential duplicate of:
Posted on: 01 Jan 2014 23:07
This ought to be reopened. Max's elaboration exactly matches my situation.

Also, there is a forum thread:
Posted on: 19 Apr 2012 14:37
I will elaborate. Lets say you have a service that returns JSON array of such as [{ state: "NJ", district: "1", city: "Teaneck"}]

Lets suppose that client want to see text displayed as "NJ 1 - Teaneck". This can't be done right out of the box using your current frame work. The logical solution to this would be to use template for dataTextField to format text displayed.

PS: I am aware that templates can be used to build the drop down list but what about custom format of the text or value stored in dropdown/comboboxes.

Telerik Admin
Posted on: 19 Apr 2012 14:22
Not sure whether I understand your idea completely, however the Kendo UI dropdown list (as well as the combobox and autocomplete) support templates. See this demo for more info: