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Created on: 24 Mar 2012 13:11
Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request
Single page LOB application sample demo.
Please consider adding a sample Line-Of-Business (LOB) application to your demo page. 
This more complex LOB app demo should show KendoUI widgets working together. 
Here are a couple ideas: 
- TabStrip contents containing Grids, Graphs, complex entry form, or another nested TabStrip. 
- Window having other nested KendoUI widgets in its content.
- Nested wigets should 'lazy' load or load on demand?
- MVVM events wiring between widgets?

We're new to KendoUI, and it would really help to see how a proper LOB app powered by KendoUI is built, especially with that cool MVVM.

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Posted on: 21 Nov 2012 17:37
The Music Store is awesome but as another user mentioned earlier, it's without any doubt not a SPA. I think we have to create a new proposal to clarify our needs for a real SPA example app.
Posted on: 21 Nov 2012 16:44
Hi Anonymi, :)

There's no misunderstanding. The Music Store was designed to be a sample, single page LOB application that illustrates several Kendo UI widgets, components and framework constructs working together, as requested. This approach would work in an SPA context, or with a back-end framework, as we've done here.

SPA support and examples are covered under another UV item ( and will be delivered in 2013.

Hope that helps!

Posted on: 20 Nov 2012 22:00
Although I am very grateful for the Music Store and well done to the people involved for that.

I agree with the below a Single Page Application is where things are heading and like most developers those on the cutting edge want to build one today.
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Posted on: 20 Nov 2012 17:09
Hi, there seems to be a misunderstanding. The current Kendo Music Store example is great, but it is clearly NOT a SPA, because as a typical, traditional, website is uses multiple web pages, see the following list. To better understand our needs in regard to SPA, have a look at

Could you please reopen this proposal. Thanks in advance.
Posted on: 20 Nov 2012 16:38
The Kendo Music Store sample was delivered as a part of the Q3 release:
Posted on: 30 Jul 2012 23:58
Recursive loop error at 'link to the other thread'?
Posted on: 12 Apr 2012 23:38
As all developers are, I am time poor amd building applications and don't have time to figure it all out demo apps help in that regard the other aspect is productivity I want to see right away how much and what type of code will or would need to be written
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Posted on: 31 Mar 2012 15:33
Please vote also for this related idea:
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Posted on: 29 Mar 2012 13:15
@Kenshin your comment is confusing
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Posted on: 27 Mar 2012 14:27
+1 for this idea. Please do also vote for this related proposal: