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Created on: 29 Dec 2011 12:01
Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request
TreeView "expand" event does not get fired, when child UL is empty
Its a small thing, but annoying.

i dynamically add subitems to the tree on expansion.
therefore i do not need to load the whole data on start.

so, on the tree init i just have on the items, that contain children an <ul></ul> to indicate it has children.
that works just as expected.
but when the user clicks on the expand icon, the event treeView.expand does not get fired.

My current workaround is, to add an invisible dummy
<ul><li style="visibility:hidden"></li></ul> to indicate there are subitems.
and when the expand event runs, loading the item, and removing the dummy... 
Thats far from perfect.
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Posted on: 07 Jun 2013 19:13
Hi Christoph,

If you still need to support an expand event, I suggest setting up a click/touch handler using jquery. thanks,