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Created on: 28 Oct 2011 08:15
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Ribbon UI Element
That would be great if you create UI element Ribbon. With automatic buttons scaling on window resize.
Stuart Hemming
Posted on: 17 Jul 2018 11:49
There is little point in keep commenting on this thread as the Kendo team haven't bothered updating their position on the matter in almost 4 years.

I suspect that they have long since stopped paying any attention
Posted on: 17 Jul 2018 11:18
Utter rubbish.

Syncfusion and DevExpress both have a ribbonview which scales superbly for mobile devices.
Imported User
Posted on: 10 Jan 2018 16:31
Mobile first people!!!

This kind of reductionist thinking is just going to hurt us in the long run I think...  I get the "We hate Microsoft Windows UI" thinking, but the lack of an offered alternative is going to lead people down bad paths of least resistance.
Gilbert van Veen
Posted on: 25 Aug 2017 10:02
It's really a must to have an RibbonView. We are re-building our Silverlight App to a full HTML5/Kendo webabp but we can't use the Ribbon now. It's very strange it isn't there while other vendors have it. Very strange decission from Telerik.
Please Telerik add it......
Posted on: 14 Mar 2017 21:38
Need a ribbon control too!
Imported User
Posted on: 21 Jan 2017 00:50
One problem I'm running into, trying to implement some ribbon like behavior with Kendo's Toolbar, is that Kendo does a lot real-time manipulation for even simple things like button clicks.  It adds classes dynamically which change styling and behavior - having to unplug all of these or style over them is a pain. If you guys could implement some other item types for the Toolbar I think that would go a long way towards helping people out. Yes, anything can be done with templates but.. we're paying you guys to make this native. :)  

* Toolbar needs text boxes with icon ability - a search text box with a search icon to click.

* It needs simple text links, not buttons, like the Menu

* It needs a drop down menu type, not buttons, just like the Menu widget.

* Extra: It would be great to have a dropdown component with a template area inside.

Just look at what Bootstrap's toolbar component does - that's what we want. I want to get away from Bootstrap itself though.

We are developing line-of-business applications, not word-press restaurant showcases.

Thanks for listening.
Posted on: 17 Oct 2016 18:46
Well DevExperess has one and there are third party JavaScript libraries like Ribbon JS ( that exist and charge many hundreds of dollars for their licences. So there IS a demand for this sort of thing.
Posted on: 25 May 2016 19:23
Please add
Telerik Admin
Posted on: 28 Apr 2016 13:35
Thanks for this suggestion and for your additional input/comments, folks.

We discussed this item internally with our engineering and PM leads, and came to the conclusion that a Ribbon UI widget is tailored for desktop usage primarily. You'll probably agree it is much more usable and meaningful in a desktop Windows context (for Microsoft users in particular) rather than web context. Furthermore, Ribbon type of UI is known to a specific group of people, i.e. Microsoft Windows desktop and Excel users. Also it could hardly (if at all) has responsive UI, which is instrumental when web apps are viewed on different screen sizes.

Weighting the pros and cons, we decided that this component belongs to the desktop app world, and for now we won't work on such a widget for Kendo UI. We might reconsider this decision at some point in the future if there are technology changes or additional evidence which invalidates our statement.

Current workaround might be to simulate ribbon-like UI with our toolbar widget (, if applicable.
Stuart Hemming
Posted on: 27 Apr 2016 17:19
I find it difficult to understand Telerik's reluctance on this matter. As we see more and more LOB applications move to multiple platforms there is a greater, not lesser, call for consistency in the UI. If the Desktop app has a Ribbonbar, people want (expect, even) to see one in the browser or on their tablet.
Imported User
Posted on: 27 Apr 2016 17:09
I disagree, Ribbon for MVC is in demand, see Dev Express even has one 

Its a must for Telerik to have it as well since more that 95% of the Telerik uses need it.
Imported User
Posted on: 26 Apr 2016 23:29
Yes, we need ribbon bar in ASP.Net MVC as well as infinite scrolling functionality.
Posted on: 06 Nov 2015 23:02
Does anyone have an example of a simulated ribbon-like bar using the kendo toolbar?
Giovanni Stiwes
Posted on: 05 Nov 2015 14:53
Ribbon Bar
Imported User
Posted on: 06 Oct 2015 14:38
I don't agree that ribbons can't be resonsive. 
We do need a Ribbon in our new LoB web application.
There is also another large vendor who has a responsive ribbon for mvc.
To my mind web apps are more and more replacing desktop apps and there truely is a strong demand for powerful controls like the ribbon. Please re-think your opinion. This also is true for some other controls Telerik has in it's Ajax suite but not in the MVC Suite.
Imported User
Posted on: 25 Mar 2015 15:50
Did you try Microsoft Office 365 online? They're using it pretty extensively...
Posted on: 25 Mar 2015 15:48
We hope that you reconsider this.  We disagree with the "Windows" Desktop/Office assessment as the Ribbon UI is a general purpose tool that combines navigation and actions.  Also, desktop-like applications are migrating to the Web as Single Page Applications (SPAs) and users of these SPAs would like use a Ribbon UI to quickly access SPA features.
Szabolcs Kovacs
Posted on: 25 Mar 2015 13:26
Anybody can make bad decisions. :)
We develops intranet applications mainly, which are used in typical office environments near by the office applications which provide rich UI. With an old style dropdown menu, our application seems obsolete, not user friendly.
Telerik Admin
Posted on: 18 Dec 2014 10:20
Presently this widget is still marked for research/consideration in 2015, with no definite plans about it, Ron.
Posted on: 18 Dec 2014 06:18
Can we get an update for a timeline on this control. There is another vendor who has an MVC control with a responsive design. I really hate to start down the road, looking at another vendor's toolset.  Just be straight forward so we can make a business decision and get on down the road. 

#LoyalTelerikFan :)
Imported User
Posted on: 30 Aug 2014 07:49
I'm working at Abbott and we are currently developing an Application based on Kendo UI,

There is a fascinate Ribbon Bar for TELERIK ASP.NET Ajax control, I think it's should be easy to migrate it to Kendo UI lib,

Please do it as soon as possible 
Ron Frick
Posted on: 05 Aug 2014 04:39
This will be crucial for us as we transition from our Silverlight LOB.
David Liebeherr - rent-a-developer
Posted on: 03 Jul 2014 17:02
Please, Please, Please add it.
Having a Ribbon control is absolutely essential for many kind of business apps.
Posted on: 30 May 2014 12:58
We need this a Ribbon is a major standard in navigation, especially now days with the mobile devices be the master of the game.
Useful for both KendoUI Web and KendoUI Mobile!
Posted on: 15 May 2014 23:20
Especially for business apps but even for many other types of apps this is the most efficient way to navigate - critical tool to have in your library
Posted on: 15 May 2014 22:51
Please add the ribbonbar for KendoUI (MVC) like the ones for Ajax and Silverlight. This is a fantastic navigation tool and will enable similar navigation to familiar Office suite
Posted on: 28 Apr 2014 10:39
Yes - for line of business web apps to look like Office 365, we need the ribbon.
Posted on: 18 Apr 2014 16:08
Please add
Imported User
Posted on: 03 Apr 2014 13:19
We very need Ribbon for MVC project. I wil be great, if Ribbon come in KendoUI
Posted on: 12 Feb 2014 13:05
Yes, we also need the same in our new product.
Imported User
Posted on: 04 Aug 2013 14:38
>  And we really want to replace our toolbars with ribbon bars.
Where a Ribbon is a nice element, Kendo UI Web does not even have a "Toolbar" element yet :(.
Stuart Hemming
Posted on: 06 Jul 2013 11:52
Same here. We really want to move to an MV* architecture as we move our product forward. And we really want to replace our toolbars with ribbon bars.

Go on! You know you want to!
Aaron Jessen
Posted on: 30 Jun 2013 17:12
Something with the functionality of your AJAX and Silverlight versions would be amazing! It's one of the main reasons I can't completely shift away from web forms.
Posted on: 15 Nov 2012 22:14
Agreed. We are interested in the MVC toolset, but require a RibbonBar control similar to what is available in Telerik ASP.NET for AJAX.
Posted on: 14 Aug 2012 08:49
I agree - a RadRibbonBar is seriously needed!