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Ben Hayat
Created on: 05 Aug 2011 04:23
Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request
Master page
Hello Team;
will there be a similar concept like ASP.Net "Master Page" which eliminate repeating part of a page in any new page? This would help designing a less crowded page.
Or a similar concept like Silverlight having a "Content" area that can be navigated to using AJAX. 
Posted on: 05 Aug 2011 16:53
For a MasterPage concept, you should continue to use your server-side technology of choice. If you want a pure JavaScript site with no server-side dependency, templates can be more difficult. Check out this blog post for some additional ideas/guidance:
Ben Hayat
Posted on: 05 Aug 2011 15:14
Thanks Stefan!
Telerik Admin
Posted on: 05 Aug 2011 14:35
Thanks for sharing your idea, however we do not believe that such master/content page mechanism can be implemented within the scope of the Kendo UI Framework. And, to be honest, we are reluctant in seeing much value in such a 'feature'.