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Created on: 05 Jul 2016 08:35
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Panel Bar scrolling to non-visible items when keyboard navigation is used
Hi there

We have a panel bar in a fixed size container.  The trouble is that when you scroll using the arrow keys, the active item does not come into view and you continue to scroll until you come back to the top.

Please see this dojo.  By selecting the panel bar and pressing the down arrow key a number of times you can scroll out of the container without knowing what item has focus.

Is there anyway to get the active item within the panel bar to be visible when you scroll to an item below (or above) the confines of the container?
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Posted on: 05 Jul 2016 15:43
Hello Stuart,

I can confirm that Kendo UI PanelBar does not support scrolling to non-visible items when keyboard navigation is used. 

I created an issue in our GitHub repository and forwarded it to our developers for consideration. For your convenience you can track its progress at: 


Let me know if you need additional information.

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