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Suggestions for the RadPdfViewer

I just completed an evaluation of the RadPdfProcessing library for our medical practices. Unfortunately, we are not yet able to use this library for our application. We need to be able to annotate patient visit reports when visit notes require amendments or when we appeal billing decisions. We do this frequently and we need a way to automate this tedious and time consuming process. While the vision for the RadPdfViewer (ref. Unifying the Power of PdfViewer & PdfProcessing: Edit a PDF with our Newest Secret (6/12/2020)) was promising, there are still some issues for us. Following is a list of areas where we would like to see improvements:

1. We need the ability to add notes (like when editing is enabled in the AddDocumentContent_WPF sample application). But also be able to control font, font size, bolding, underlining, and highlighting and text color. Also we need to be able to go back and edit text and text formatting after new text is added and the text editing window closes. This is not yet possible. Ideally, this text also needs to allow multiple text fragments (Run's) where each text fragment can have its own formatting (bolding, color, etc.).


2. Each note needs to be in an optional bubble or box with an optional line or arrow to the highlighted (or strike-through) text in the original document. It would also be helpful if the bubble could be reshaped and moved to a more optimum location while maintaining the connecting line to the associated highlighted text. Automatically positioning the bubble when it is first created in adjacent white space is also desired.


3. We need the ability to highlight, do strike-through and/or enclose text in a colored oval or rectangle in the original pdf without impacting pagination of the original document. 

4. We would like the above functionality to be implemented via a right click context menu for selected text in the original document. A command like "strike-through text and open note would be ideal". 


5. If possible we also would like to pre-edit a pdf file as a RadFixedDocument and perform some or all of the above operations before the document is displayed in the RadPdfViewer. To do this we will need to be able to search for text in a given location in the pdf, select that text and then perform the desired operations (described above in 3. and 4.). This is needed for a majority of the changes that we need to make, that is, in sections of the document that we know from experience always require the same annotations. We see this functionality being integrated with AI enabled processes that are able to find and prepare billing appeals and assist with patient record amendments.

Respectfully, Bill Goforth, Professional Imaging LLC, Medical Systems Development, 360-528-1844

Posted on: 26 Sep 2023 12:25

Hello Bill,

This is not the appropriate place for such questions. This is a public portal that is reserved for feature requests and issues and the comments should be regarding them. In this case, this is a separate functionality that is related to the PdfProcessing library. This is why I want to kindly ask you to post a new question for this and specify PdfProcessing as a product. This way the team responsible will be able to prepare the required examples. 

Thank you for your understanding.

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Posted on: 23 Sep 2023 10:51

Hello, I would like to follow-up on item 5 from my previous suggestions. 

I've experimented a bit attempting to markup (highlight, bold, change text color, strike-through and annotate) on existing text in an existing pdf (RadFixedDocument) where text requiring markup is found as SearchResult (I'm attempting to use the Telerik.Windows.Documents.Fixed.Search.TextSearch - FindAll() method). Following is the code I'm using (see below). Can you provide examples to do the following:

1. highlight (in yellow) the SearchResult text
2. change color and font weight of the SearchResult text
3. draw red colored rectangle around SearchResult text, with colored, bolded or highlighted text still visible
4. make text appear deleted (using a strike-through font)
5. add blue or red colored (block of) text as an annotation near the SearchResult text rectangle

all of the above markup must be pdf compliant and editable using and pdf editor such as Foxit

Here is the C# code I'm using:

  var provider = new PdfFormatProvider();
  var document = provider.Import(File.ReadAllBytes(filePath));

  var srch = new Telerik.Windows.Documents.Fixed.Search.TextSearch(document);
  var result = srch.FindAll("FRANCISCO", TextSearchOptions.Default);

  foreach (var resultItem in result)

        // changes to SearchResult text (discussed above) would be made here


  File.WriteAllBytes(@"result.pdf", provider.Export(document));  // save resulting pdf


Posted on: 11 Sep 2023 11:34

Hi Bill,

1,2 This is indeed not supported at the moment. We have feature requests for functionality that will allow this in both PdfViewer and the PdfProcessing library: 

3,4 This is not supported at the moment and we do not have a UI for drawing. This is why I have approved this feature request. I have updated your Telerik points as well. 

As a workaround for this, I can suggest using the selection API and drawing the additional content manually: 

var selection = this.pdfViewer.Document.Selection;

var rect = selection.StartPosition.GetWordBoundingRect(); 
var editor = new FixedContentEditor(selection.StartPosition.Page);
var doc = pdfViewer.Document;
pdfViewer.Document = null;
pdfViewer.Document = doc;

5. This can be achieved with the current API provided by the PdfProcessing library. An example of how you can find a specific text and its position in the document is available here: PdfProcessing - Search.

Let me know if I can assist you further.

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