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GetSubr method of Top class throws an exception when Private property is null.
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Some glyphs are not rendered correctly - the letter are translated or become unrecognizable.
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When the imported document contains font with embedded CMapFormat0Table an exception is thrown.
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The issue is reproducible only for some specific font files. The characters are displayed as rectangles. This seems to caused by incorrect glyph name and glyph id mapping.
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Some Image XObjects are imported but not displayed in PdfViewer.

It seems all the documents contain scanned images produced by a Lexmark scanner.
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Scanned image is not visible with the new engine  
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Good Afternoon,

we use the RadMap's SelectionRectangleChanged event to allow the user to (de)select map elements with the box. In the event handler we use the layer's GetItemsInRectangle function to see what is within the selected area but this is where we encounter a problem with LineData objects. Dragging a selection rectangle that does not touch an edge but is close enough to it (likely within the bounding box of the LineData) it incorrectly recognizes the line as within the rectangle. See the attached screenshot for an example of a selection rectangle that should contain no elements within but actually reports the long line to its right as an element it contains. This can also be reproduced with the attached project:

  • Ctrl + Mouse Left to drag a selection rectangle
  • Mouse Left to pan, mouse wheel zo zoom. Shift + Mouse Left for zoom rectangle
  1. Draw a selection rectangle on the very left or right outside the elements: Debug Output reports "Selected Edges: 0"
  2. Draw a selection rectangle close to an edge but not touching it: Debug Output reports "Selected Edges: 1"
  3. Draw selection rectangle that contains (parts of) an edge: Debug Output reports "Selected Edges: 1"

Dominik Schacht


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Observed when loading a document: 

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Introduce a new theme with the Windows 11 look but with smaller sizes.