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Last Updated: 14 Jun 2024 10:06 by ADMIN
Creating a DocumentFragment from a document with hyperlinks removes the links. Consider exposing the Add method of DocumentFragment as well. 
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Last Updated: 21 May 2024 10:47 by ADMIN

The UI is not updated when an item is replaced in the bound ListCollectionView. 

Workaround: Remove the item and add a new one.

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Last Updated: 20 May 2024 09:33 by ADMIN
When in the RadGridView details template on a touch device subsequent clicks are not registered.
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Last Updated: 04 Apr 2024 12:23 by ADMIN
Multiple operations applied on a big RadBitmap can cause OutOfMemoryException because of used and not disposed unmanaged resources in a WriteableBitmap object.

Steps to reproduce:
- Execute multiple times the Rotate tool
Observe: The memory goes up and retains such.
Expected: The unmanaged memory is cleared.

Findings: the memory leak is related to the WPF class WriteableBitmap which is internally used by the RadBitmap. Attached is a sample project illustrating the problem using only WPF classes.
Note: At this point, we are not aware of a possible fix.
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Last Updated: 06 Mar 2024 17:02 by ADMIN

Depending on the chosen theme, the page TextBox will not display all of the digits. This is inconvenient in scenarios where the RadDataPager has many pages.

To work this around, subscribe to the Loaded event of RadDataPager and retrieve the ScrollContentPresenter element with x:Name="PART_ScrollContentPresenter" using the ChildrenOfType extension method and set its Width property to the desired value and HorizontalAlignment property to Center.

private void radDataPager_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    RadDataPager radDataPager = (RadDataPager)sender;

    ScrollContentPresenter scrollContentPresenter = radDataPager
        .ChildrenOfType<ScrollContentPresenter>().FirstOrDefault(x => x.Name == "PART_ScrollContentPresenter");

    if (scrollContentPresenter != null )
        scrollContentPresenter.Width = 45;
        scrollContentPresenter.HorizontalAlignment = HorizontalAlignment.Center;

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Last Updated: 01 Mar 2024 15:09 by Petar
  Message=An error occurred while processing this request.
   at System.Data.Services.Client.QueryResult.EndExecuteQuery[TElement](Object source, String method, IAsyncResult asyncResult)
   at System.Data.Services.Client.DataServiceRequest.EndExecute[TElement](Object source, DataServiceContext context, String method, IAsyncResult asyncResult)
   at System.Data.Services.Client.DataServiceQuery`1.EndExecute(IAsyncResult asyncResult)
   at SalesDashboard.MainRepository.<>c__DisplayClass22_1.<GetDailyActualsVsTargetsByProduct>b__1() in C:\temp\SalesDashboard_WPF_Dev_2023_3_1114_SourceCode\SalesDashboard\ViewModel\MainRepository.cs:line 126
   at System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.InternalRealCall(Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs)
   at System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.TryCatchWhen(Object source, Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs, Delegate catchHandler)
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Last Updated: 15 Feb 2024 15:59 by Petar
The keyboard layout is not correct when using the Polish culture.
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Last Updated: 26 Jan 2024 17:12 by ADMIN
Created by: Matthew
Comments: 1
Category: TimeBar
Type: Bug Report
Custom Interval disappears when zooming out. This is caused when the view is updated and there is more than one custom interval.
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Last Updated: 18 Jan 2024 12:40 by Petar
Created by: Stenly
Comments: 3
Category: Map
Type: Bug Report
The RadMap control does not display the MBTiles file format.
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Last Updated: 11 Dec 2023 13:02 by ADMIN
As a <role> I want <ability> so that <benefit>.
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Last Updated: 14 Nov 2023 15:58 by ADMIN

Reset by Clear, RemoveRange causes a memory leak of GridViewRow instances (or TreeListViewRow in RadTreeListView).

To work this around, you can call the Clear method of the RadGridView's Items collection and then reset the ItemsSource property.

this.radGridView.ItemsSource = null;
this.radGridView.ItemsSource = newSource;
Edit: The number of instances of the GridViewRow class are relative to the number of containers which cover the visible viewport. They are kep by internal caching mechanism used for faster reuse of containers is data-reload scenarios. Containers are dettached from their previous viewmodels (DataContext).

In non virtualized scenario, the number of the live containers is the same as the number of items in the GridView's ItemsSource and when changing the source, the number remains the same as the items in the source.

We are closing this issue as we think the mentioned internal cache shouldn't be considered a memory problem but rather a powerful performance optimization internal tool for extensive data-refresh scenarios.
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Last Updated: 24 Oct 2023 10:10 by Petar
Associated AutomationProperties.Name is read twice by JAWS.
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Last Updated: 08 Aug 2023 15:02 by ADMIN
When the collection bound to the AppointmentsSource property is cleared and filled with data again, the tooltip of one of the appointments could become visible and it will be displayed on top of all applications.
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Last Updated: 31 Jul 2023 13:51 by ADMIN
Highlighted text's color is set to gray when saving and reopening the file.
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Last Updated: 04 Jul 2023 09:36 by ADMIN

The ZIndex property change is not detected by the VisualizationLayer at runtime. 

Workaround: remove and then add back the item where the ZIndex is changed.

Won't Fix
Last Updated: 21 Apr 2023 13:54 by ADMIN
A binding error appears in the VS Output pane on startup of the RadOpenFileDialog. The error states the following:
System.Windows.Data Error: 26 : ItemTemplate and ItemTemplateSelector are ignored for items already of the ItemsControl's container type RadBreadcrumbBarItem
The error can be ignored because it doesn't break the file dialog functionalities.
Won't Fix
Last Updated: 19 Jan 2023 14:25 by ADMIN
The mouse-over highlight color is not applied to the correct row when the rows are navigated via the keyboard arrows.
Won't Fix
Last Updated: 30 Nov 2022 16:33 by ADMIN
Clicking on a RadDropDownButton in the Visual Studio 17.4.0 designer makes it stop responding.
Won't Fix
Last Updated: 06 Oct 2022 09:48 by ADMIN
Can be observed in FirstLook demo of the RadGridView.
While resizing the demos window, radgridview's horizontal scrollbar might flicker when demos viewport size is close to the gridview size.
Won't Fix
Last Updated: 06 Oct 2022 09:20 by ADMIN
Created by: Martin Ivanov
Comments: 1
Category: Docking
Type: Bug Report
A memory leak related to the automation peers of the RadPane and RadPaneGroup appears when you close a pane (using its Close button) even if you call its RemoveFromParent() method.

To work this around disable the automation peers. To do so please set the static AutomationManager.AutomationMode property toAutomationMode.Disabled.
public MainWindow()
    AutomationManager.AutomationMode = AutomationMode.Disabled;

The issue originates from ItemsControlAutomationPeer. It is reported to Microsoft in their old connect portal here =>

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