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I have a WPF window containing a RadWebCam control and a CameraSettingsControl control associated with it (as shown in the online documentation). When I close the WPF window, no memory associated with that window is released. I implemented a Finalizer in the window and found that it wasn't getting called even after several GC.Collect() calls.  The culprit appears to be the CameraSettingsControl when it's associated with the RadWebCam control. In my application, it's not freeing about 80MB of memory after each window invocation.

I have included a full project sample which demonstrates the issue. Just set a BreakPoint on the finalizer ~TakePicture(). When the application is run, hit the 'Take Picture' button to launch the Camera window, and then close it.  To verify that it's not just a delay in garbage collection, hit the GCCollect button on the main window a couple of times. The Finalizer never gets called until you exit the app.

Here's the Telerik control WPF I'm using, but it's also in the sample.

<telerikWebCam:RadWebCam Grid.Column ="0" x:Uid="WebCamCaptureWindow_RadWebCam" x:Name="webCam" MinWidth="0" MinHeight="0" AutoStart="False" Margin="0 25 0, 0" 

                                       CameraError="OnWebCamCameraError" />

<telerikWebCam:CameraSettingsControl Grid.Column ="1" x:Uid="WebCamCaptureWindow_CameraControlSettings" x:Name="webCamSettingsControl" WebCam="{Binding ElementName=webCam}" 
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Add a circular progress bar control.
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When using Windows 11 theme with 4.5 NoXaml binaries, AutoCompleteBox reports a XAML Binding Failure:

To reproduce, just run the following window (just an empty AutoCompleteBox) in a new WPF Framework project:

<Window x:Class="WpfApp20.MainWindow"
        xmlns:local="clr-namespace:WpfApp20" xmlns:telerik=""
        Title="MainWindow" Height="450" Width="800">
                <ResourceDictionary Source="/Telerik.Windows.Themes.Windows11;component/Themes/System.Windows.xaml"/>
                <ResourceDictionary Source="/Telerik.Windows.Themes.Windows11;component/Themes/Telerik.Windows.Controls.xaml"/>
                <ResourceDictionary Source="/Telerik.Windows.Themes.Windows11;component/Themes/Telerik.Windows.Controls.Input.xaml"/>

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Some Image XObjects are imported but not displayed in PdfViewer.

It seems all the documents contain scanned images produced by a Lexmark scanner.
Last Updated: 27 May 2022 06:28 by Li
User is able to type in a content control even though its editing is not allowed by setting the "Content control cannot be edited" option.
Last Updated: 27 May 2022 06:22 by Li
Setting "Content control cannot be deleted" for a Plain Text content control breaks the editing rule and the user cannot edit the Plain Text control.
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Working with PasteOptionsPopup may cause an exception in LayoutElement.SetParent. Very difficult to reproduce, having no consistent steps. Maybe it is related to undo of paste command, but there are no other clues aside from this.

   bei Telerik.Windows.Documents.Layout.LayoutElement.SetParent(LayoutElement newParent)
   bei Telerik.Windows.Documents.Layout.LayoutBox.EnsureParent()
   bei Telerik.Windows.Documents.Layout.LayoutBox.get_Parent()
   bei Telerik.Windows.Documents.Layout.FormattingSymbolLayoutBox.get_IsEndOfCell()
   bei Telerik.Windows.Documents.Layout.FormattingSymbolLayoutBox.GetFormattingSymbolVisual()
   bei Telerik.Windows.Documents.Layout.FormattingSymbolLayoutBox.get_Text()
   bei Telerik.Windows.Documents.SpanBoxPositionHandler.get_Location()
   bei Telerik.Windows.Documents.UI.DocumentWebLayoutPresenter.GetViewPointFromDocumentPosition(DocumentPosition position)
   bei Telerik.Windows.Controls.RichTextBoxUI.PasteOptionsPopup.CalculateLocation()
   bei Telerik.Windows.Controls.RichTextBoxUI.PasteOptionsPopup.OnOwnerLayoutUpdated(Object sender, EventArgs e)
   bei System.Windows.ContextLayoutManager.fireLayoutUpdateEvent()
   bei System.Windows.ContextLayoutManager.UpdateLayout()
   bei System.Windows.UIElement.UpdateLayout()
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I've encountered a tiny bug when it comes to styling AutoCompleteBox using StyleManager.
If I set the StyleManager.ApplicationTheme of my app, the styling is correct, see the reference gif:

But if I set the style of AutoCompleteBox during runtime with StyleManager.SetTheme, the styling is not quite right - the underlying RadWatermarkBox is using the basic style I believe, because the text doesn't change it opacity when I hover over it (in the case of watermark text) or when I defocus the element (in the case of real text).

The example I'm using is just an empty WPF project with MainWindow.xaml having one RadAutoCompleteBox inside it, and MainWindow.xaml.cs is pictured in the gifs.


Best Regards,

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The default combo box item is restored when on exports content controls to xaml and then imports back
Last Updated: 26 May 2022 11:09 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2022.2.530 (30 May 2022)
When replying to someone else`s SpreadsheetComment, the SpreadsheetCommentReply`s author copies the comments author instead of passing the current author`s name.
Last Updated: 26 May 2022 10:33 by Li
The PlaceholderText of Content Control should be restored when the content is deleted and the icon is clicked. 
Last Updated: 26 May 2022 09:52 by Li
When committing the text, the automatic underline should be removed from the content. However, it is preserved for all spans inserted with the IME.
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Release LIB 2022.2.530 (30 May 2022)
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Category: PropertyGrid
Type: Bug Report
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Scheduled for LIB 2022.2.530 (30 May 2022)
InvalidOperationException thrown by RowColumnHeadingBase.get_NormalFillBrush() with Crystal theme.
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Release LIB 2022.2.530 (30 May 2022)


I have a grid where some rows contain child rows.  In order to control which rows have the "+" expander icon I use the IsExpandableBinding property.  I also have a toolbar which contains a convenience button to collapse all the expanded rows.

This button is bound to a handler which called RasGridView.CollapseAllHierarchyItems(), but this does not have any effect.  I've tried removing the IsExpandableBinding property, and the collapse mechanism then works (but I get unwanted expanders on every row).


Last Updated: 25 May 2022 13:50 by Stenly
Setting custom ItemContainerStyleSelector is sometimes not applied to every item of the RadTreeView control, when the TreeVirtualizationMode is set to Hierarchical.
Last Updated: 25 May 2022 09:28 by Li
Currently, the uncommitted text is always underlined with a dotted line. Provide an option for disabling that behavior.
Last Updated: 25 May 2022 07:29 by Stenly
When the control is in minimized state and the items do not have an icon, the headers are not visible.
Last Updated: 24 May 2022 12:29 by Li

When importing a XAML document that contains a Content control with PrefixMappings to its TextProperties` DataBinding an exception is thrown: 'Telerik.Windows.Documents.Model.StructuredDocumentTags.DataBinding.PrefixMappings' threw an exception.'

Last Updated: 23 May 2022 15:11 by Margret

Currently, the range of the ScaleFactor property is between 0.1 and 4.0. We could include API to allow the user to set minimum and maximum boundaries that are between the default range (0.1 and 4.0).

For example:

  • MinimumScaleFactor=0.8 
  • MaximumScaleFactor = 1.5
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