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Release LIB 2021.3.1213 (13 Dec 2021)

NullReferenceException is thrown when you hover chat messages. This happens when TouchManager.IsEnabled static property is set to False.

To work this around, keep the TouchManager enabled.

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Release LIB 2021.3.1018 (18 Oct 2021)

When using StyleManager.Theme to set a theme for the control, the scroll does not get themed. When setting the theme for the whole application, the scroll is themed correctly. 

To work this around, subscribe to the Loaded event of the RadChat control. Using the visual tree helpers, get the ScrollBar element with x:Name="PART_VerticalScrollBar" and set the theme for it using the StyleManager.SetTheme static method.

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Created by: Hans
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I wounder how you support the use of emojis in the WPF Chat component. Or is it supported?

Best regards


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Release R3 2020
When the DataSource of the control is set to a new instance, previous messages are not cleared. 
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Release R2 2020 SP1

If the DataSource property is set before the MessageConverter property an ArgumentException is thrown.  The error message is "Item cannot be converted to MessageBase".

To work this around, make sure that the MessageConverter property is set (and evaluated) before DataSource.

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Created by: prashant
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Quick question on solution provided in the ticket : . 

It looks like we would need to show few SuggestedAction in vertical and others in horizontal orientation. Is it possible to set the orientation value from chat control ? 

Something like this ...


<VirtualizingStackPanel IsItemsHost="True" Orientation="{Binding RelativeSource={RelativeSource AncestorType={x:Type telerik:RadChat}},



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Release LIB 2020.1.210 (2/10/2020)

If you populate the RadChat control using its DataSource and then bind the CurrentAuthor property, the message from the current author don't use the correct color. This reproduces only if the CurrentAuthor binding is set after the DataSource binding.

Note that the title says that this happens when using the DataSource, but you can reproduce it also if simply add a message from an author different than the current one, and then change the CurrentAuthor to the one used for the message.

To resolve this change the order of the property bindings. The first one should be CurrentAuthor and then DataSource.
<telerik:RadChat CurrentAuthor="{Binding MyCurrentAuthor}" DataSource="{Binding MyMessageSource}" />

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Release LIB 2020.1.210 (2/10/2020)

Regardless of the current culture applied, the date shown on top of a group of message uses InvariantCulture (English). In comparison the time break date is formatted according to the culture.

This comes from a bug in WPF.

To work this around, override the Language property metadata of FrameworkElement.

      new FrameworkPropertyMetadata(

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Release LIB 2020.1.210 (2/10/2020)

This bug is related to the text shown on top of the message groups. The text shows the time + the author's name. For example: "12:30PM,John Doe". 

Add a space between the time and the author's name. It should be "12:30PM, John Doe", instead of "12:30PM,John Doe".

To work this around, add a space before the author's name when you create the Author instance.

this.Chat.AddMessage(new TextMessage(new Author(" John Doe"), "Hi", DateTime.Now.AddDays(-3)));

Or extract the ControlTemplate of MessageGroup and add a Margin to the TextBlock element that shows the Author's name.


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Currently, the MessageGroup uses a default string format of 't'. Allow setting a different format. For example, the RadChat control can expose a new CreationDateFormat property.
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It would be great to be able to tag an author with @.

The idea is to provide an authors list like in skype :

The authors list could be setted with binding from ViewModel by example. Message could have a tagged authors list too in order to easily send a notification to all tagged users from ViewModel.



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Currently, when the user opens the chat screen, the app gets the messages and scrolls to the bottom by default. The user wants to get more messages from the server as he/her scrolls up.
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Dear Team,

I am facing issue with Chat Control. When I tried to change datasource of control, Messages in Chat UI does not reflect.

I have List of User in listbox. Each User has Observable collection of TextMessages. When User selection changed, I bind datasource to selected user messages. I assume that Chat control will update its UI by selected User messaged. But it is not working.

I tried to clear MessageListItems on selection change, and re-bind data source to selected user's messages. In this case Chat UI does not show any messages.


For reference I have uploaded my sample project on Google drive.

*** The fix for this issue will be available with the next LIB (version 2018.3.1210) expected on Monday, December 10.
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As I change the items of the RadObservableCollection the Chat Control crashes. Please press a button in the attached example.

Scheduled for:
The fix for this issue will be available with LIB (version 2018.3.1210) scheduled for publishing on Monday, 10th December 2018.