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I would like to report that Z-index have unexpected values when RadDiagramContainerShape are used.

Please watch video first, my remarks points to the video attached to the ticket.

1. Currently there is a possibility that Container A can be hidden by Container B and this is fine.(~11sec of movie)

2. However then i will add Container C to Container A and then drag Container B to overlaps Container A it overlaps only Container A and does not overlaps Container C which for end-user could be very confusing, why Container C is visible at that time.(~20-30 sec of movie)

The problem gets more complicated when i drop Container B to overlaps Container A but without adding Container B as a child of Container A.

In that way it looks that children of Container A are children of Container B

3. When i will add new container "Header" to Container B and then overlaps Container A and Container C then its even more mixed up(~ 30-50 sec of movie)

4. When i will add new container "Header" to Container A and Z-index are somehow refreshed and then in magic way Container_C now overlaps "Header" container from Container B(~58sec of movie)

I would expect:

Fix calculation of Z-index in that way if Container B overlaps Container A it means it overlaps as well it's children. Currently you have flat hierarchy of VMI containers which leads to such Z-index issues. 


Expose possibility to override your internal methods which calculates the Z-index.

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I would like to report that automatic generate of connection point for Bezier connection is wrongly generated when link is attached to Gliding Connector.

Connection point is generated at the position where link is attached to shape. I think for such use-case you should generate connection point taking into account angle of link in relate to shape and generate connection point a bit moved. When connection point is generated at attach position it makes that the "arrow" of link have wrong angle.

I'm attaching video and your sample solution with my modifications to easier reproduction.

Best regards,