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Last Updated: 29 Oct 2020 07:55 by Michael
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we have an Excel export in our software that we solved via Telerik Spreadsheet.

An exported Excel Table can also contain images.

These pictures are inserted as shape objects.

The Placement Property is set to xlMove (xlPlacement Enum) in Excel.

If you now filter the data in Excel, the images remain and are not hidden.

We therefore need a way of being able to change this Placement Property to the Value xlMoveAndSize

It would be very desirable if this option were made available in Telerik Spreadsheet as our customers urgently need it.

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Last Updated: 28 Oct 2020 07:19 by Maria

Sometimes RadVirtualGrid.ScrollRowIndexIntoViewAsync throws NullReferenceException.


Inside RadVirtualGrid.ScrollRowIndexIntoViewAsync the following method invoked:

this.MainPanel.ScrollRowIndexIntoViewInternal and this.MainPanel is Null, since RadVirtualGrid.Refresh() that was called previously makes MainPanel Null.

The Refresh method is public, so could be called anytime by mistake or not.

So, please fix one of those or even maybe both:

Refresh should not set MainPanel to Null.

Inside RadVirtualGrid.ScrollRowIndexIntoViewAsync check that this.MainPanel is not Null like you perform this check in most RadVirtualGrid methods.


Thank you in advance.

Maria Adamsky.