Last Updated: 25 May 2023 13:36 by ADMIN
Reproduces when you add the ContextualGroups in code-behind. While resizing the RibbonWindow the Ribbon Title overlaps the ContextualGroup Header.
Last Updated: 25 May 2023 13:36 by ADMIN
When there are enough items in a RibbonBackstageItem for the ScrollBar to appear, it is clipped by the RadRibbonWindow's header.

1. Extract the templates for RadRibbonBackstage and ScrollViewer
2. Refer the new template for the ScrollViewer in the template for the RadRibbonBackstage.
3. Change the margin for the PART_VerticalScrollBar from 0, -1, -1, -1 to 0, 27, -1, -1.
4. Set the new ControlTemplate to the RadRibbonBackstage in the application.
Last Updated: 25 May 2023 13:34 by ADMIN
The attached project demonstrates a possible approach for handling this - by editing RadRibbonWindow's control template and specifying a converter for the PART_Icon Image's Width and Height bindings. The converter in turn takes into account the DPI of the current monitor.
In Development
Last Updated: 25 May 2023 10:00 by ADMIN
Scheduled for R2 2023
Currently, when the users hover around the window's border, the resizing border is 1 pixel wide. Create the border wider (higher at top and bottom borders).
Workaround: Apply right margin to the content inside the window.
Last Updated: 04 May 2023 21:17 by Martin Ivanov
If you place the RibbonView between two monitors and select a tab in order to display its minimized content, the popup with the content should spread on both monitors. This works in the common case, but when the dpiAwareness in the app.manifest file is set to  PerMonitor and dpiAware is set to True, the popup is offset outside of the RibbonView and it is displayed only on one of the screens.
Last Updated: 02 May 2023 15:25 by Martin Ivanov

Currently, the RadRibbonTab GetChildrenCore method creates automation peers only for the elements in its Items collection. There is no peer created for the element in the Header. Add support for this. 

This missing peer, leads to that the TextBlock in the Header of the ribbon tabs is not highlighted when using a UI inspecting tool (like Snoop and its Automation option or UISpy.exe).

You can find a solution that shows how to achieve this in the attached project.
Last Updated: 13 Apr 2023 10:35 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2023.1.424 (24 Apr 2023)

NullReferenceException is thrown on start up of the application, when the IsMinimized property of RadRibbonView is set to True initially. For example, if you set it in XAML.

To work this around, set the IsMinimized property in the Loaded event handler of RadRibbonView.

private void RadRibbonView_Loaded(object sender, System.Windows.RoutedEventArgs e)
	var ribbonView = (RadRibbonView)sender;
	ribbonView.IsMinimized = true;


Last Updated: 11 Apr 2023 17:44 by ADMIN
In XP and Windows10, the window goes behind the windows task bar when it is maximized.
The problem manifests itself if we set explicitly the "WindowStyle" property of the RadRibbonWindow.
With its "default" value, the problem do not exists.
It is also reproduced when AllowTransparency = True (it requires WindowStyle = None), which is needed to set a drop shadow effect.
Last Updated: 09 Mar 2023 17:15 by ADMIN
Created by: Ralf
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Category: RibbonView
Type: Feature Request
would be very helpful especially for users who are new to Telerik and/or WPF
Last Updated: 03 Feb 2023 11:46 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2023.1.206 (6 Feb 2023)
Currently, a ScreenTip is opened 500 milliseconds after you hover the associated item. This is a hardcoded value that cannot be changed. Add a property to change this. For example another attached property in the ScreenTip class.

For example: ScreenTip.InitialShowDelay="1000"
Last Updated: 12 Jan 2023 18:22 by ADMIN
The window state of the RadRibbonWindow cannot be changed on double click over the titlebar, when you click under the middle of the title bar. The same issue occurs when you try dragging the title from this position. The issue is more noticeable when the window is maximized.
Last Updated: 14 Dec 2022 10:55 by Martin Ivanov
Currently, the titlebar text that appears when you set the ApplicationName is centered in the titlebar. Add option to align the WindowTitle element left or right in the titlebar.
Last Updated: 04 Nov 2022 08:08 by ADMIN
Release R3 2022 SP1
The backstage of the RadRibbonView cannot be opened when the control is placed inside a WinForms application. 
Last Updated: 08 Sep 2022 09:57 by ADMIN
Release R3 2022
This is reproducible only if the application that holds RadRibbonView is started on another machine and you are connected to it through Remote Desktop Connection. When the keytips are enabled and you click in the main machine, then click inside the remote desktop window, the keytips are displayed.
Last Updated: 27 Jun 2022 06:15 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2022.2.627 (27 June 2022)
When the dropdown popup of the RadRibbonDropDownButton or RadRibbonSplitButton is opened, the ApplicationMenu is not resized, in order to fit the dropdown items.
Last Updated: 31 May 2022 06:18 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2022.2.530 (30 May 2022)

If you add the RibbonView into the Content of a TabItem (or RadTabItem) and then remove it from the content, the RibbonView is still in the memory. 

This happens because we subscribe to few events of the Parent window on Loaded and unsubscribe on Unloaded. However, because of the specific content loading behavior of TabControl, Loaded of the content (the RibbonView) is fired once and Unloaded only once.

To work this around, before removing the RibbonView from the TabItem, call its OnUnloaded event handler. To do this, you can use a reflection to get the handler and then invoke it.

var methodInfo = typeof(RadRibbonView).GetMethods(System.Reflection.BindingFlags.Instance | System.Reflection.BindingFlags.NonPublic).Where(m => m.Name == "OnUnloaded").First();
methodInfo.Invoke(ribbon, new object[2] { null, null });

Last Updated: 22 May 2022 21:10 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2022.2.523 (23 May 2022)
When the Visibility of the RadTabItem is set to Collapsed the keyboard navigation does not work as expected. 
Last Updated: 29 Nov 2021 12:27 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2021.3.1129 (29 Nov 2021)
When the Windows OS auto-hide taskbar feature is enabled, the RadRibbonWindow is clipped and offset on the top and left sides. This reproduces only if the window is maximized initially. Changing its state afterwards resolves the visual glitch. Also in order to recreate this the IsWindowsThemeEnabled property should be set to False, in order for the ribbon window to use its Telerik theme, instead of the Windows one.
Last Updated: 28 Oct 2021 11:39 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2021.3.1101 (1 Nov 2021)
In the Quick Access Toolbar drop-down part, navigating the items while pressing the Up/Down arrow keys will Highlight all items.
Last Updated: 01 Oct 2021 07:16 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2021.3.1004 (4 Oct 2021)
The content of RadRibbonWindow is positioned wrongly when the Windows taskbar auto-hiding is enabled. This happens on Windows 10.
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