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Release R2 2020
NuGet: A wrong dependency is added when installing the SpreadsheetStreamingExport package.
In Development
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Created by: Telerik Admin
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Category: UI for WPF
Type: Feature Request
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Hi All,

I would like to hide the mouse over background to TreeListViewRow, and now the solution that I know is to edit the template my self.

Is it possible to add custom value for MouseOverBackground, SelectedBackground like GridViewRowStyle?


Thanks in advance for you feedback.

Last Updated: 02 Apr 2020 15:54 by ADMIN

Like RanTabControl

Need this for an application with lots of tabs wich would not fit in the top or bottom template.

Maybe it works with a customizable TabStripTemplate where i can implement e.g. a GridView or something

Like this with a scrollbar (used TabControl PRISM example for this)

Last Updated: 02 Apr 2020 15:07 by ADMIN

This is the most logged exception in my application and it looks like it's coming from RadToolBar: Specified element is already the logical child of another element. Disconnect it first.


System.Windows.FrameworkElement.ChangeLogicalParent(DependencyObject newParent):50
System.Windows.FrameworkElement.AddLogicalChild(Object child):55
System.Windows.Controls.UIElementCollection.AddInternal(UIElement element):7
System.Windows.Controls.UIElementCollection.Add(UIElement element)
Telerik.Windows.Controls.RadToolBar.InsertInPanel(Panel panel, UIElement container, Int32 position):3
Telerik.Windows.Controls.RadToolBar.OnItemsCollectionChanged(Panel panel, NotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs e):136
Telerik.Windows.Controls.RadToolBar.OnOverflowItemsCollectionChanged(Object sender, NotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs e)
System.Collections.ObjectModel.ObservableCollection`1.OnCollectionChanged(NotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs e):15
System.Collections.ObjectModel.ObservableCollection`1.InsertItem(Int32 index, T item):36
System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection`1.Add(T item):32
System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection`1.System.Collections.IList.Add(Object value):28
Telerik.Windows.Controls.RadToolBar.InsertOverflowItem(Object item, Int32 position):45
Telerik.Windows.Controls.RadToolBar.TryMoveStripItemToOverflow(Int32 index)
Telerik.Windows.Controls.RadToolBar.MeasureOverride(Size availableSize):70
System.Windows.FrameworkElement.MeasureCore(Size availableSize):568
System.Windows.UIElement.Measure(Size availableSize):401
System.Windows.Controls.Grid.MeasureOverride(Size constraint):67
System.Windows.FrameworkElement.MeasureCore(Size availableSize):568
System.Windows.UIElement.Measure(Size availableSize):401
System.Windows.Controls.Border.MeasureOverride(Size constraint):256
System.Windows.FrameworkElement.MeasureCore(Size availableSize):568
System.Windows.UIElement.Measure(Size availableSize):401
MS.Internal.Helper.MeasureElementWithSingleChild(UIElement element, Size constraint):28
In Development
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The exception is thrown during "Put" operator execution.
Last Updated: 02 Apr 2020 09:18 by ADMIN
Currently, if you create a control that derives from RadTabbedWindow and then drag out a tab to create a new window, the newly created window is of type RadTabbedWindow. This feature will be useful if you want the newly created window to be the same type as the custom window that initializes the new window creation.
Pending Review
Last Updated: 01 Apr 2020 11:23 by Dinko

The GroupRenderMode of the RadGridVIew is set to Flat. The control is populated with items that implement the IList interface. The Count property of the custom objects needs to return value bigger than 1. So when the Delete button is pressed, the rows beneath the deleted one will also be deleted. Their number depends on the Count property of the custom object.


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Created by: Dimitar
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Category: RichTextBox
Type: Feature Request
 Support page-breaks in html import/export.
Last Updated: 01 Apr 2020 09:52 by ADMIN
A NullReferenceException is thrown when setting the ExpressionText to null. 
In Development
Last Updated: 31 Mar 2020 12:34 by ADMIN
Add support for respecting Custom UI Layers when exporting Fixed Page to an image.
In Development
Last Updated: 31 Mar 2020 12:33 by ADMIN
Created by: mike
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Category: PDFViewer
Type: Feature Request
The widgets of the interactive forms are not respected when creating a thumbnail from a PDF page. Implement logic for adding the form fields widgets to the generated image as well.
Last Updated: 31 Mar 2020 11:15 by ADMIN
SelectedItems collection not updated when items are removed
Last Updated: 31 Mar 2020 11:10 by ADMIN
Release R2 2020
At the moment the print settings set to the WorksheetPageSetup class are not passed to the Print dialog which leads to bad user experience. If you set the print settings of the RadSpreadsheet like so:

WorksheetPageSetup pageSetup = this.radSpreadsheet.Workbook.ActiveWorksheet.WorksheetPageSetup;
pageSetup.PageOrientation = PageOrientation.Landscape;

and then select Print, the Spreadsheet print menu will show the print preview as landscape. However, when after that you click on Print for the default print dialog to appear and then click Preferences, you will notice that the preference is set to Portrait. The print job will be Landscape, but the incorrect information in the default dialog creates confusion.

This is an example of how to set the preference of the default dialog:

PrintDialog printDialog = new PrintDialog();
var printTicket = printDialog.PrintTicket;
printTicket.PageOrientation = System.Printing.PageOrientation.Landscape;
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Release LIB 2020.1.330 (03/30/2020)
Created by: Olivier
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Category: NavigationView
Type: Feature Request


I would like to hide the pane toggle button. Consequently I set the PaneToggleButtonVisibility to "Collapsed" but I get the same render as I set "Hidden".


That would be nice if this space no longer exists when we set the property to collapsed.

The code sample I used:
<telerik:RadNavigationView x:Name="navigationView" PaneToggleButtonVisibility="Collapsed">
        <telerik:RadNavigationViewItem Content="Foo">
                <telerik:RadGlyph Glyph="&#xe13a;" FontSize="20" />


Last Updated: 31 Mar 2020 09:54 by ADMIN


Currently when we start the application, no item is selected. Once we select one it appears as selected and we show a related pane. This is the nominal behavior of the component.

But we want to deselect it when we are clicking again on it (like in Visual Studio Code). So ideally we want a NavigationItemBehavior property with a value "Normal" and a value "Toggle".



Last Updated: 31 Mar 2020 07:38 by Kenichi
Created by: Martin Ivanov
Comments: 1
Category: RibbonView
Type: Feature Request
Implement keyboard navigation for the items in the ApplicationMenu - through arrow keys for example.
Last Updated: 30 Mar 2020 16:10 by Denis
Visualizing a page with a huge number of images (40000) freezes the application.
When switching to the FixedDocumentSinglePageViewPresenter, all the page content should be loaded so it can be later rendered. Although the images are loaded asynchronously, there are too many threads started which seems to cause the hang. Also, according to profiling results, it seems like the image caching causes performance diminishments in such scenarios. 
Won't Fix
Last Updated: 30 Mar 2020 10:10 by ADMIN
The panel allocates empty space for items that are hidden by setting their Visibility to Collapsed. Such items should be ignored when the panel arranges its items.

To work this around, instead of the Visibility property, you can remove and add the items in the ItemSource collection whenever you need to toggle their visibility.
Last Updated: 30 Mar 2020 04:37 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2020.1.330 (03/30/2020)
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