Last Updated: 05 Jul 2024 07:23 by David
Add the ability to add new items in the collection editor when binding to primitive types.
Last Updated: 03 Jul 2024 07:29 by Martin Ivanov
Created by: Martin Ivanov
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Category: PropertyGrid
Type: Feature Request
Add a Visibility DependencyProperty (to support data binding) to the GroupDefinition class. The same setting is available in the PropertyDefinition objects and it affects the property fields in the UI. The Visibility of the GroupDefinitions should hide/show the entire group along with all its child property fields.

The GroupDefinition Visibility should not update the Visibility of the child PropertyDefinition objects. Both properties should work independent.
Last Updated: 01 Jul 2024 13:16 by ADMIN
Release 2024.2.701 (Preview)
Exception when changing a non-visible bound property.
Last Updated: 01 Jul 2024 11:22 by ADMIN
Release 2024.2.701 (Preview)

When the Expression_Dark theme is applied to the RadPropertyGrid, selecting an item is hard to read, as the item's foreground is white and the selection state is in a similar color.

To work this around, use the following Style:

<Style TargetType="telerik:PropertyGridField">
        <Trigger Property="IsSelected" Value="True">
            <Setter Property="Foreground" Value="Black"/>


Last Updated: 26 Jun 2024 16:03 by Martin Ivanov
A memory leak occurs when RadPropertyGrid instaces are loaded/unloaded multiple times. 

The issue manifests even more if the PropertyGrid contains fields for editing DateType types. 
Last Updated: 10 Jan 2024 09:12 by Renato

 Add selected inactive state for PropertyGrid Field.

Last Updated: 10 Nov 2023 14:15 by Martin Ivanov
Add an event that is raised when the editor's value gets updated and just before the value is updated back to the associated data item when PropertySetMode is Union or Intersection.

Currently, you can use the PropertySetsValidationFunction to intercept this moment, but the function is not invoked only for the currently edited property, but for all other properties in the PropertyGrid and you cannot indicate which one triggered the change.
Last Updated: 03 Oct 2023 11:04 by Stenly
Improve loading performance when IsGrouped="True" and AutoExpandGroups="True".
Last Updated: 27 Jun 2023 11:25 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2023.1.703 (3 Jul 2023)
When a PropertyDefinition with binding to an attached property is added to the PropertyDefinitions collection, the created editor is not bound correctly. 
Last Updated: 15 Mar 2023 11:52 by Markus
Release R1 2023 SP1

Currently, the control allows you to search only for fields that have been expanded already. If a parent field was never expanded, the search won't look for its children.

Allow searching in not expanded fields.

Last Updated: 09 Mar 2023 13:24 by ADMIN
Possibility to edit only the SelectedPropertyDefinition (like in Visual Studio)
Last Updated: 13 Jun 2022 13:47 by ADMIN
Release R2 2022 SP1
Last Updated: 26 May 2022 08:04 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2022.2.530 (30 May 2022)
Created by: dj
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Category: PropertyGrid
Type: Bug Report
Last Updated: 15 Feb 2022 16:31 by ADMIN
Release R1 2022 SP1
The following exception is thrown when changing the value of specific properties.
InvalidCastException: 'Object must implement IConvertible.'

This happens if the bound property is of a base type and the provided value is of a type that inherits the base type. For example, if you bind to a property of type Brush and you assign a value of type SolidColorBrush.
Last Updated: 05 Dec 2021 16:21 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2021.3.1206 (6 Dec 2021)

When a RadPropertyGrid instance is placed inside a RadBusyIndicator, the StyleManager cannot apply the styles correctly and it causes an InvalidOperationException at runtime.

Workaround: Use the NoXaml version of the assemblies with the needed themes.

Last Updated: 04 Nov 2020 16:33 by ADMIN
Last Updated: 14 Jul 2020 06:52 by ADMIN
Currently the AutomationID of the PropertyGridField is set to "{0}_FieldEditor", where {0} is the DisplayName of the property definition. We can introduce an option to prevent this.
Last Updated: 09 Mar 2020 08:14 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2020.1.309 (03/09/2020)
Behind the scene we need to update any changes made in the property grid, in a SQL Server database, too. With our current implementation we fire a database request if a property is edited in the property grid. This is fine if only one entity has been selected. If more than one entity has been selected (ProperytSetMode “Intersection”) a database request is fired for each entity if a property is edited. This is not very performant for us.
We need an event like “EditEnded” to figure out when the PropertySetViewModel has updated all ViewModels. Then we are able to updated the necessary changes in the database in a single call. 
Last Updated: 30 Oct 2019 15:42 by ADMIN

An non edit mode is enabled in the control when the EditMode is set to Single. In this case, only one field can enter edit mode and the rest are read only. 

Currently, there is no API that allows you to customize the content (that shows the property value) of the read only fields.

Add an API that allows you to customize the read only content. Similar to the EditorTemplate of the PropertyDefinition.

Last Updated: 06 Aug 2019 08:51 by ADMIN
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